What Does It Take to Be a Fashion Designer? Life Hacks by Elena Savò

What Does It Take to Be a Fashion Designer? Life Hacks by Elena Savò Fashion Weeks in world’s biggest capitals, glossy Vogue magazines and much more, they are so charming and magnetic, though so vigorous and tough.

The competition is great. This severe “natural selection” of today’s fashion industry discourages many aspiring designers and makes them fail. It is difficult to get recognized and move up the designer’s career.

So what does it take to be a successful fashion designer? Elena Savò breaks down her own experience.

“You need to be an artist..” Creativity is the minimum designer should possess, says Elena Savò, a young international designer who is slowly but steadily rocking the European vogue.

Creativity and a “big, huge desire!” are the “musts” to be a fashion designer. “It doesn’t matter how old you are! There is no exact way, only your desire, your biggest desire,” Elena encourages aspiring designers.

Elena Savò represents Casual Chic style. Translucent dresses, exposed back, it is “for every woman who is not afraid to be push forward and be original and uniquer”, according to Elena. Confident and sensitive at the same time, Elena Savò’s “made in Italy” elegance and grace is suitable for everyday fit.

“Denim in 360 Degrees” is Elena Savò brand’s speciality. “It is all about jeans”, says Elena, “from fabrics and texture to details like stitching.” There’s a hidden science behind denim, and Elena is exploring it in her collections. “I don’t use denim as a 100% fabric, I’m looking at it in a more universal way, playing with it.”

Did you know that “if you Zoom jeans in 100-200% and it will resemble wool’s netting, but it’s still jeans”? A fun fact from Elena Savò. Fashion shows in Russia, Polan and Italy, spreading her fashion outlook to masses… and it is only the beginning of Elena Savò.

We’ve asked Elena about her path.

It all began from her early childhood, “I was sewing the first dress in my life for the doll, then made dresses for my friends”, shares Elena. However, seriously involved in fashion she found herself after university. During her studies in Istituto Marangoni, an university of fashion in Milan, Elena’s creativity got noticed and she got a chance to have her collection released. “I made it to the top 40 out of 140 students to prepare the runway show. My collection was noticed and I was proposed to participate on the first huge fashion event in St. Petersburg, Russia which was called Moroshka Fashion Week.”

It was a jump-start of the brand Elena Savò which triggered the interest and demand that followed. “[University] taught me to be patient, specific and work hard.” Education is very important but not the only thing necessary pursuing career of a fashion designer, according to Elena.

“Once you understand your talent, you need to develop it.” The knowledge university gives helps to avoid many mistakes on your career path. “Mistakes cost a lot and life is really short to spend the golden time on them. Knowledge is is a fundamental, and the way to fly to your dream faster.”

Now, settled in Milan Elena Savò makes clothes to satisfy the pickiest of fashionistas. “Made in Italy” becomes a brand. [Italian] tastes, colors, quality, potential are still in progress and will progress in the future. Italy is a mother of the Moda [Fashion] and its industry.“

“I really like Italians’ tastes and designs. It’s casual, minimal, sometimes a-vanguard, strange but […] it works. Unique in once own composition. I think is amazing.”

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There is the whole team, Team Elena Savó, which works on the brand’s production. According to Elena, teamwork is one of the key elements of success. “It is not me and them – no! We are a team. Everybody together! Success doesn’t come when you are alone. It comes to everyone who works hard on his own part.”

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What’s more? Ambitious plans and brave ideas Elena Savò shared with us.

Except clothing, Elena is about to introduce accessories. Italian leather bags, to be more precise. Now, spreading her clothing through different showrooms, Elena is planning to open her first boutique. Italy is to be number one to have it.

In the conclusion, a piece of advice from Elena Savó:

“Don’t give up! Of course, there are a lot of creative, talented people, and designers. It only depends on you! Only dreaming is not enough, only doing is not enough. Doing something means to do your best and of the highest quality. I wish good luck to everyone who chooses to be designers.

Positivity! Endurance! Creation!”

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