Psychology Behind Chocolate: What Your Choice Says About You?

Milk chocolate, dark or white chocolate, chocolate with caramel, peppermint filling, or with raisins and nuts… This way, we can spend all day enumerating what today’s chocolatiers have for restless gourmets.

Which one is your first choice?

Psychologists have found the connection between our favorite chocolate and what it says about our personality.  Chocolate’s unique taste leads scientists from Cambridge University to suggest the link to the feeling of wellbeing. The particular blend of aroma, texture and taste creates the sensation of pleasure and stimulates emotional “feel-good” centers of the brain, according to Dr. Owen, Wolfson Brain Imagining centre’s specialist.

That’s why chocolate consumption is often referred to an emotional affair. It is all about the way it makes us feel.

Dr. Murray Langham, a chocolatier from New Zealand is known as Dr. Choc, who’s creations can be found in chic cafes and hotels throughout the country. Being curious, Langham began to observe his customer’s chocolate preferences which gave him insights into their personalities.

“What does it mean we eat the same type of chocolate, time and time again?” Langam was wondering.

He has written three books revealing his profound sweet findings and tied them in his famous “Chocolate Therapy” series.

For those interested in learning about themselves a bit more, we have summed up the key aspects of Langham’s extraordinary Chocolate Therapy so you can have a quick look on your hidden side of personality.

There are 3 parts in Langham’s analysis: kind of chocolate (e.g. dark, milk, or white), shape (e.g. square, circle), and filling (e.g. fudge, toffee).



If you prefer:

— Dark chocolate: you are a sensible problem-solver with positive expectations towards future.

— Milk chocolate: identifies romantic character occasionally dwelling on the past.

— White chocolate: these people tend to have a sense of fairness believing they have all power of the universe.


If you choose:

— Square: it means you are dependable, honest and truthful. Introverts tend to choose square shapes.

— Round: you might be a party animal, very outgoing but also shallow.

— Oval: creative and sociable people choose oval shapes.

— Rectangular: this means you are peaceful and supportive.

— Diamond-like shape: petted people tend to pick ‘diamonds’.


If you like:

— Caramel-filled: you are a diligent hard worker.

— Fudge: you are sensual and smooth.

— Toffee: means you might be stubborn.

— Coffee: you don’t like waiting and want everything right now.

— Peanut: you are a team player, outgoing, and sporty.

— Strawberry: shows a romantic person, loving and caring for others.

The theory is still arguable and needs further scientific studies. However, it is a chance to get to know your friends and colleagues more.

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