A Drop of summer

What an exciting news in the cosmetic industry The Body Shop has released a new line “Drops of Light” in anticipation of summer. Helping to stop pigmentation, to brighten skin pure and natural minimize the appearance of pores as a result to have healthy‑looking skin.

The Drops of Light range contains main ingredient Red Algae extract. This has grown for millions of years in the ice-cold water of the North Atlantic, and contains a powerful cocktail of Vitamin C as well as other nutrients and minerals. Red Algae extract has been proven to have positive effects on fighting with dark spots and pigmentation of the skin.

The entire line is suitable for all skin types and isn’t tailored to a specific age. Becoming older females are often start to monitor the health and beauty of skin more closely. The Body Shop presents the full range of products in the line “Drops of Light” including:

  Clarifying Foam Wash 399 Czk,                                                                                               Pure Translucency Essence Lotion 449 Czk,                                                                       Pure Healthy Brightening Serum 699 Czk,                                                                           Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream 599 Czk.

These new products are already available in the local stores in the Czech market. Drops of Light range has minimalist packaging in white plastic casing with metallic rose accent in label, highlighted by gentle smell of rose perfume.

The Body Shop
The Body Shop

Those girls and woman who want to change their skin regime and at the same time to solve skin imperfections should definitely try one product from the full range and brighten the skin over time.

Let us know your thoughts on these products!

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