Prague’s Top 10 traditional Czech Restaurants: Rich History Straight From the Oven

It might sound a cliché, but seriously, what is the first “must” when visiting the places you’ve never been? Food! Traditional local food.

Czech cuisine is not of the healthiest, though people from all over the world come to the Czech Republic to give it a shot. Rich in calories, fat and sugar, traditional Czech culinary is all about meat. Various kinds of meat covered with thick creamy sauces accompanied with dumplings; different soups, including the famous beef goulash served in bread; and nationally admired deserts, such as apple strudel and honey cake (Medovik), these all comprise a stunning feast which will captivate any gourmand.

So where to go to have an authentic taste of the Czech Republic? And which places are truly worthy money and time?

We have compiled a list of the top 10 restaurants all around Prague to give you the best experience and trigger the taste receptors to make your tingle.

A truly unique experience is guaranteed! A thread of a tiny railway covers the whole area. Trains bring your drinks straight on the table, no waiter involved.  Right in the city center, in the middle of Wenceslas square, come and enjoy traditional food with an unusual presentation.

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U Zajce Now only delicious traditional Czech soup but a range of beers of all kinds: green, red, light and dark, of course! Try all bunch of them and choose your favorite. Good food, often accompanied with good live music and friendly people around, it all makes nightclubs simply fade. What else do you need for a great night out?

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Nase Maso
Have a dinner right at the Butcher’s! Choose anything you like from the counter and have it cooked specially for you: beef, pork, or high-quality sausage. Rated 4.9 on Zomato, and backed with a plenty of good reviews, Nase Maso is a “must” for true meat lovers.

Čestr Ambiente Cool interior design and a variety of unusual meat dishes will make your stomach go “Grrr” as soon as you read the menu. Matured beef, best of the local meat production, and fish, all served with delicious sauces for any taste.

Cafe Imperial
Treat yourself! Luxury ambience and top-notch service, all for a reasonable price. Traditional Czech cuisine selection is mixed with Chef’s specials in the one of the most sought-after places in Prague. Rich history of the cafe prompts of itself after you just step in: exquisite mosaic and tile decorations and floral ornamentations with golden touch everywhere take you back in time, the age of kings and queens.


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Šenkovna A decent place to get yourself familiar with a rich wine selection from across the world. Come and try a wide range of steaks and Czech dishes in a “wine cellar” right in Prague’s city center. A small friendly pub is perfect venue to enjoy some English music and have nice evening with friends.

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Restaurant Zvonice
Ever thought of dining on the top of the original Gothic belfry? Here’s your chance!  Extraordinary two-storey restaurant fascinates with its interior. Rough ashlar walls, wooden beams and ironworks take you back to 15th century when Jindřišská Tower was found. This medieval atmosphere invites for Old-style Czech cuisine and its artistic presentation.

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Hostinec U Kalicha Old Czech tavern-like interior and live music give a proper Czech experience. No need to worry about the language barrier, the menu is in 24 different languages. Authentic dishes, such as Goulash á la Kalich, Potato pancakes á la lieutenant Dub and much more are perfect for visitors to taste the original Czech culture.

A hand-carved wine cellar of 12th century provides a truly unique atmosphere: stone walls and vaulted ceilings lit with candlelight. Delicious Czech and international meals are accompanied by a wide collection of wine from around the world. Every Friday and Saturday live Jazz band enhances the already lovely ambience.

U Tří Housliček
Small and charming, this place is very cozy and feels like home. Great selection of traditional Czech food along with a good choice of wine and local beer. Violin music adds to the marvelous experience. Beautiful presentation and the size of each dish gives a good value for money and will make you want to come back again.

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