Styles So Good You Could Eat Them

When was the last time you saw someone eating a pair of Yeezy sneakers or a runway piece from the Louis Vuitton collection at this year’s Paris Fashion Week?
Probably never.

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They do say that you are what you eat, so Lindsey Gazel of Lindsey Bakes wants you to be as stylish as they are on the runways. The Toronto-based baker uses her kitchen as a runway to bake incredibly detailed cookies of the season’s most popular trends or runway styles. Gazel believes that you can combine the passion to bake and the passion to strut your stuff in the latest styles. Not only does she bake scrumptious styles but also cartoon characters, custom birthday cakes and poptarts. It’s only a matter of time before her cookie of Kim Kardashian’s notorious Paper magazine cover breaks the Internet. Her 3,000+ (and growing) followers on Instagram can drool over the latest “piece” from her kitchen. Some of her edible styles include the Versace raspberry poptart, Viktor and Rolf Easter cookies and a Vetements hoodie cookie. Those are just some of the fashionable edibles Gazel treats her Instagram followers with. For those who crave something salty AND sweet, she has several posts with cookies that look like French fries, Thanksgiving turkey, classic Bavarian-style pretzels and wait for it…bacon cookies.

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To say that her cookies are masterpieces is a bit of an understatement. Plus, if you factor in the amount of time it takes to perfect each “piece”, her talent is something which could put an entirely new meaning to taking the runway home. The intricate details on some of the cookies are truly jaw-dropping, especially her latest Instagram post of an embroidered, floor-length Alexander McQueen dress. This cookie being of the several that Vogue recently interviewed Gazel for. A leopard-print maxi dress over a striped button-down and striped tie, all tied together with a long-line black blazer, which was featured in a Dries Van Noten, show is arguably her most beautiful cookie. Or maybe is it the Ancient-Egyptian style Givenchy frock? That’s all up to your taste-buds.

DRIES + GAUBERT easter cookies ♡♡ #ss16 #dvn

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Cover photo: source: Lindsey Bakes