WEARME.FASHION Beauty Committee

We want to bring the latest beauty news to consumers and hear each and every opinion about the product. Since consumers are the driving force behind change or improvement, it’s only right you have a say.

We have decided to unite beauty lovers into a club for women like you – to express your opinion on the latest trends, debates and news from Czech market and not only. Now you have a chance to decide what you like or dislike on the market.

What should you expect from being a member of the WEARME.FASHION Beauty Community?

We will be asking you to test the newest and most thrilling products launching on the market, as well as to hear a voice from every woman in the Czech Republic and get to know what your favorite product that you already use is, or one you’ve recently seen on the Wearme.fashion.

The only requirement from WEARME.FASHION is to truly have a passion for beauty without measuring the size of it and of course speak in English. This is your chance to express your opinions and influence the beauty industry.

If you would like to register just subscribe​ on Wearme.fashion web and send us an email with the following details: ​

In order to participate in all activities that WEARMEBeautyCommittee will organize including but not limited to: “Try new products and write a reviews; participate in events and vote for products of the year”

Please send following details to email: ​[email protected]

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