Camillo Lauricela and Nika Kljun success stories

Success has different connotations, and is so individual! For me, for example, it is having thousands of readers and post views, but for you it might be winning the Miss Universe pageant. Different lives, different aspirations. There is never a pattern to fit everyone.

Determination, persistence, hard work are among the universal ingredients fostering success,however, it is not always the case. Today, meet Camillo Lauricela and Nika Kljun, an international duo who encourage people from all over the world to dance. During WHES dance convention, which took place in Caserta, Italy this April, Camillo and Nika shared their story of success with WEARME.FASHION.

Learn about their experience and get inspired! Camillo Luricella ​comes from a small town in Germany. His huge passion for dancing led him to start teaching at only 13 years old!By now, Camillo has taught classes throughout Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, China, South America, and the list goes on. The fascinating experience Camillo has is even greater: MTV Europe Music Awards, ECHO ­Awards and Germany’s Next Top Model, TV ­show ‘Got To Dance’ and ‘X ­Factor in Germany, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in Ukraine & Portugal, performing with Leona Lewis and judging Italian’s popular TV ­show ‘Amici’.

Nika Kljun was born into a dancing family in Slovenia and made it to international stardom. Following in her parents’ footsteps, Nika took part in the numerous competitions being an undefeated champion. She won gold as a hip hop soloist at the World Championship and it was only beginning of the world of dance takeover.

Nika has taught in more than 31 countries, worked with big international artists like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Ne­Yo,T­Pain, Pitbull, One Direction and many more. She also has taken part in major projects including X­Factor USA, UK & France, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, Billboard Music Awards, and just last year Nika was part of Justin Bieber’s dance team.

Two different stories, different fates… but “we just clicked, you know, when energies click” says Nika. “We danced since we were little and attended many competitions. That’s how we met. We went to the World Championship in Germany. His group was competing against mine. We were fans of each other’s work,” Nika continues.

Nika came to visit Camillo in Germany and they taught there. “We just had fun, and then people, I guess, liked it. All these youtube messages.. It was not our plan.” Then, they had a class together in Los Angeles, “Telephone” routine (2009), which went viral across the world.

“Million views on youtube! Many years ago it was a big deal. That’s why our names went globally as a team. Then people started booking us together, and now we are teaching together,” says Nika. “We were always teaching. It’s in our blood, and people see it. And when we became choreographers and teachers, it just happened. We never had such a plan to be world­known choreographers, it happened naturally. And here are we now,” says Nika.

Can you share what is success for you guys? When was that moment you considered yourself a success?

Camillo​: I have to be very very honest, being successful or how it makes you feel is a hard question. I can only speak for myself: being successful for me means to be able to do what you love to do and share it with others. Once, somebody came to me and hugged saying I have inspired him to start dancing. That’s my success. Being able to inspire people. I don’t need a million clicks, but at least one person telling me I have inspired him or made him happier. Whatever it is, that’s the meaning of success.

Nika​: Do you want me to be honest? Since I was born, haha. Success doesn’t come from the air. I am really humble. I was a talent who worked hard. I was unbeaten in my own country every year. That gave me this motivation to work even harder and to have big dreams. I think when I became a world champion, 2005 I guess, and I worked a lot in London. That moment maybe was like ‘yeah, I think I got this!’.

What is your motivation? What does it take to get where you two are now?

Nika​: I do still take classes and educate myself. I would talk for both. What inspires us is you, people who take our classes. You inspire us to move and be the best we can be. That’s the motivation. There’s no better feeling: when you’re done with teaching, seeing your happy faces and hearing these lovely words.

Camillo​: How can you not be motivated when there are 600 dancers in front of you smiling? That’s what pushes us to get better, and to push ourselves so that we have more experience and share even more.

What personal traits, you think, foster success?

Camillo​: You should never forget where you come from. Never­ever. Talent can take you to some places. But it is your character and the way you treat people. Character makes you stay where you are going and go even further.

Nika​: We want to work with people like that, with those who would appreciate us, our art. Who would be very professional at the same time very humble. Because that’s how we are. We are very passionate about what we do. This industry is not only fun, it has many bad sides. People leading the industry are not the nicest people, even artists. We try to avoid people like this.

Is there something you would advise to everyone aspiring for success?

Nika​: I have one, very simple. Every day be the best version of yourself. If you say this, and think of this, happiness comes with compassion and caring to other people. All these love, to share love.

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