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These reviews are designated for those who have never used a shimmer body lotion before. You may find your skin or lotion preference described in one of these reviews.

Before moving forward, let’s review the aim of Dermacol Glamour Body Lotion that many women enjoy to use in the summer. This lotion has a great moisturizing effect and makes your skin shine and glow. As a result the skin becomes exceptionally soft and smooth and adds a unique warm glow. Those that want to have younger appearing skin should give it a try.

When you are wearing shimmering lotion your skin imperfections will be less noticeable in certain lights and angels.

What occasions should you use Dermacol Glamour Body Lotion? If you are a party girl and often go out dancing with your girls or have a special occasion to celebrate, adding some lotion to your body could make your look absolutely stunning. If heading out for a romantic dinner date the added shimmer from the lotion will make you so look perfect, your date will never forget how jaw-drapping  you are.

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Caroline says:

It’s summer and I needed to find a lotion that will make my skin glowing and radiant. The Dermacol Glamour Body Lotion does exactly that and I like that it comes in a practical tube that you can easily pack with you on your holiday.

The scent is quite strong and stays on your skin all day. It’s a sweet gourmand scent, which isn’t my favorite, but the lotion is actually quite rich and hydrating. It’s not thick, it spreads quickly and easily, but it absorbs rather slowly, so you’ll really need to massage it in. It has olive oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, so it leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. My skin is on the drier side so it’s perfect for me, but if you’re oily, just apply a thinner layer.

As you massage the lotion in, you’ll start to notice tiny golden glitter particles on your skin. It’s a subtle glow that’s noticeable as you move and turn your body. I first applied it all over, but then just used it on the features I wanted to accentuate. It works best on legs, the décolleté, and arms. The glitter is finely milled and evenly distributed. It’s not as noticeable in bright sunlight, but it’s really lovely in ambient, evening light perfect for date nights. I used it mostly on my upper body and I love it as a subtle collarbone highlight. Overall, I think the lotion is lovely and hydrating. The glow worked well with my pale skin and I think it will show up even better on darker skin tones. But you must love the scent, because it’s very strong and lasts all day, and can clash with your perfume.

Gary says

I am very careful with body lotions because of my sensitive skin and allergies. I was so frustrated and fed up of finding body lotion, which could actually work both ways for me, i.e. skin smoothing and very light soothing shine on my body.  So I found this glamorous 200 ml beautiful golden sparkling bottle of body lotion, very gracefully packed in a box, which actually made my life 100 times easier.

The smell of the lotion is so sweet, like vanilla and with a touch of jasmine. The combination is so long lasting and even the after effect too. The most amazing thing about this lotion is that it has got a very soothing golden shimmer touch in it. That shimmer sparkles when you go under sun, and it’s not very flashy, the sparkle is actually very light and adds a beautiful shine on your body. The lotion does not come off easily, even after washing, a little hint of the smell is left and skin feels smoother and less dry for sure. I used the lotion ones a day for 20-30 days.

This lotion has helped a lot. I never had any allergic reactions, which I usually used to face whenever I was using any fancy body lotions. This one actually has helped with my dry skin, brought a nice shine and the best part, it has a lovely long lasting smell. I would like to say that, using Glamour Body lotion once a day will be enough and will give all day beautiful shine and sparkling body.

Last but not the least, this body lotion has actually changed my skin sensitivity, without harming my skin. I am so thankful to Dermacol for introducing this body lotion.

Majka says:

The main reason why I decided to try this body lotion was that I was curious about the glittery effect it promises to leave on your skin, and to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by its results. I am not really a huge fan of the Dermacol brand since I did not have positive experience with them in the past, but their Glamour Body Lotion was a great addition to my beauty kit. Its scent is very refreshing and not like any other, however, it would be better if it was clearly stated on the cover what kind of fragrance it is so that I could easily find body lotions with similar scents in the future. As far as the packaging is concerned, I did not really like its “tube” shape, but that is just my personal preference.

The lotion itself is supposed to make your skin glittery which made me at first a bit afraid that I would end up looking like a clown. Nevertheless, the amount of glitter is optimal so it only enhances your final look. Also, it is wonderfully thick, with a creamy consistency that spreads easily and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. I cannot really comment on its moisturizing ability because my skin is naturally super soft but at least it did not leave any residue or film on me which is something that I really appreciate.

Overall, I was satisfied with the product (I used it for a little over 10 days) and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a lotion that is not overpriced and fulfills its function. I might even purchase it again once it is empty.

Marketa says:

At first, I was excited to try this shimmering body lotion. My skin tone is normally very pale. However, recently I got a bit tanned. Therefore, I thought that a little bit of shimmer would look really nice as it can add the glow to the skin and at the same time make it look more hydrated. Honestly, I cannot claim that I got what I have expected.

The product comes in a convenient packaging – squeeze tube, which I found to be very practical. The design is a little “old school “ for my tasting but on the other hand it is not particularly bad and it is consistent with other products of the brand. The smell is nice and traditional rather than fruity or fresh. Additionally, the texture of product was very nice. It absorbs really fast. This is a benefit on one side but when you take to account the amount of glitters contained it is also a negative because the quick absorption prevents you from spreading the shimmer evenly. The effect is, from my point of view, questionable. I expected a finely mild shimmer that would leave a nice glow. However, the lotion contains actually fairly big pieces of glitter, which seem to be seen rather as random than intentionally placed. At first, I tried the product all over my body but that was simply too much for me. Thus, the only possible way of how to use this product for me was to mix a bit of it with my regular body lotion and apply it on my legs.

Priscilla says:

This is a lotion that will hydrate and give you a summer glow. The scent of cocoa will last all day. Glitter does stick to your hands but it is easy to wash off. For those looking for a slight shimmer, this lotion is not for you. The gold glitter flecks stick to your skin and reflect nicely in the sun. The glitter does not transfer to your clothes. After rubbing the lotion thoroughly into your skin, it takes about one to two minutes to fully absorb. Keep in mind, it is heavily

fragranced so if that is something that bothers you or you do not like the smell, this is not for you. I personally enjoyed the warm scent. It softens your skin the more you use it and it is very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t feel sticky. It also doesn’t contain SPF.

When I first saw the gold bottle of Dermacol Body Lotion, I was excited to find something that would help me achieve my summer glow. I was not disappointed! This lotion claims to hydrate while making you shimmer in the sunlight and with the combination of avocado oils and glitter It did the job. I would not apply this to my face. It is very thick and the moisture would make me too oily and also clog my pores.

After I worked the lotion into my skin, I found that it only takes about one to two minutes to fully absorb into my body. From there, I could feel my skin soften and look hydrated. I was worried that the glitter might be too chunky and make me look like arts and crafts gone wrong, but the glitter stays put on your skin and only appears in sunlight. You can’t see the glitter indoors, which I like!

Simona says:

Dermacol brand is not strange to me at all. I already tried some of their products and I have been more than happy with them. High quality and affordability in price make the products extraordinary and that is why I could hardly wait to try this Glamour Body Lotion.

I was using the Body Lotion after every shower for 10 days. As well as every woman, I would like to save my time if possible. Thanks to the lotion good spreadability, it took me very few minutes to apply. Afterwards, the lotion absorbed so fast that I could get dressed immediately and go about my everyday life. Dermacol lotion left my skin soft and smooth, and it was such an easy way to hydrate my skin without spending hours in a bathroom.

The first thing I noticed, when I opened the packaging, was the fragrance, which filled the air. The scent was rich but not overwhelming. When I applied the lotion, the scent lingered on all around me. I dare say that the fragrance of the lotion can even substitute perfume because of its long duration and stimulation of all my senses.

The result you can see are astonishing as well. The amount of glitter in the lotion is noticeable, nevertheless it looks natural. Even after a swim in the pool, the glitter was still on my skin. It brightened my complexion, and made my skin look both fresh and youthful.

The glitter gave me suntanned skin a flawless look and a deeply hydrated feeling. I can only give praise to this product. The Dermacol Body Lotion is worth trying. I highly recommend it.

Tereza says:

I used the Dermacol glamour body lotion for about a week. I can tell that the lotion is very hydrating, has very nice non-sticky texture and is pleasant to use. However, I would also say that due to the amount of shimmer it is not really an every-day use product but rather a fun body makeup product. I can totally see myself wearing it to a concert or festival or beach because the sparkle and glow it gives is just very pretty. It looks very pretty on your legs and shoulders for example. I do not really recommend wearing it to school or work as it is kind of too sparkly and it might not seem appropriate. Also the sparkles sort of stay on things which you touch, which for me is kind of nice because I like sparkles but it might not be pleasing for someone else. The smell of the lotion is very similar to most sunscreen products. I would love if the glamour collection had more smells maybe some more fresh ones for the summer. Over all I really like the product and I recommend trying it because it is great to give your looks something extra edgy!

Theoni says:

The moisturizing golden shimmer body lotion regenerates and nourishes your skin.

You understand that it’s a flash product with elegance by looking at packaging. The first thing that attracts me to any product is its smell and this lotion has an elegant and pleasant perfume.

It leaves it exceptionally soft and smooth and adds a unique golden shimmer! To be honest, I expected more golden shimmer but I was surprised when I realized that the results was the right one, shiny and not kits. I have been using this body lotion once a day for 10 days and I can see that the quality of my skin has improved feeling softer than before without getting an ugly, greasy effect.

My skin looks more radiant, supple and hydrated. I have to admit that my skin (especially legs) was quite dull and dry before using the Glamour Body Lotion.


Honestly, this product had a positive effect on my skin. It is suitable for all skin types, all ages and all occasions. I recommend it, especially during summer if you have tanned skin. However, I must admit that although it is great, I believe there is something better on the market for my skin type that I have not tried yet.

Valeriya says:

In summer our skin needs more care and moisture. That’s why I decided to try Glamour Body Lotion from Dermacol. When I first opened Glamour Body lotion, the first thing that impressed me was the gentle smell which reminded me coconut with coffee, just perfect for sweet summer time. So I couldn’t stop myself from trying it! The texture of cream is not too thin so it makes it easy while applying to the skin.

I applied a small amount of lotion every evening over my body, it absorbs to the skin just in a few minutes and I didn’t have any unpleasant film after using the lotion. Even after first use I felt that my skin was more hydrated and looks better with a glitter effect. After using the lotion for 10 days I saw more results. My skin appears more youthful and the feeling of soft and smooth skin every time cannot make me more happy especially during dry hot days. Also the glitter from the lotion is actually eye catching!

All in all, with the combination of good ingredients such as vitamin E, panthenol, olive and bamboo oil which makes a great effect on the skin and the amazing following smell and glitter I would recommend this lotion for using on daily basis.

Erika says:

Even though I do not usually buy Dermacol products I was so curious to test out this Glamour body lotion with glitters, mainly for its glittery effect. As the name suggests ( after 10 days of using ) I can prove now  that it it is really glamorous. It is packed in a very pleasantly looking tube which is really eye-catching for me. 200 ml bottle is practical and you can use lotion for a long, long time.

The main reason why I fall in love with this product is its scent. I would describe it as very sweet vanilla fragrance which is long-lasting. I used it before sleeping and I woke up with that vanilla scent on my skin. Once I applied it on my skin before night party and the fragrance lasted for a whole night as well as golden glitters were shimmering. Glitters were like fairy dust and my friends were asking me about this moisturizing golden shimmer body lotion.
Another big plus is its texture. At the beginning I thought that the main purpose of product is to be aromatic and sparkly. I could not be more incorrect, because the texture of the lotion is wonderful! The lotion is really moisturizing, non-sticky, you can applied it easily and it has a great absorbtion. It is ideal for hydration after shaving or if you have dry skin in the summer.

This lotion was incredibly impressive for me. I would definitely recommend this product  if you want to try someting different during the summer. Use it at the pool party or during the regular day and I promise, you will shine.

just say,

Cover photo Courtesy Dermacol