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If so, read what our beauty members had to say about Dermacol Perfect Body Make-up. These are accounts of their own individual experience about the product’s effect on their skin. Please keep in mind WEARME.FASHION does not provide scientific or medical suggestions.

These reviews are designated for those who have never used or heard of Body Make-up. You may find your skin or body make-up preference described in one of these reviews.

The role of Dermacol Body Make-up goes beyond of expectations. It acts as a remedy for covering everything from stretchmark’s to varicose veins scars to bruises and even improves the appearance of skin affected by cellulite. Gives a tan effect to your legs and its water resistant which is perfect for summer time and not only. This makes the product suitable for any age group and to be used for different proposals as beautifying and aesthetic.

Dermacol Perfect Body Make-up is available in two shades “sand” and “caramel”; this makes it suitable for different skin types. We only distributed the “sand” shade to Beauty Members though without prior check the skin color of reviewer and till the end didn’t know the outcome for those reviews. The “sand” shade will suite to those with medium to darker skin tones, as it could give them a more natural, sun-kissed look in the summer without spending hours in the sun.

Members who have very pale skin may have a difficult time finding the right shade for their skin. Make sure which shade is right for your skin tone before purchase and be happy with your investment.

Body Make-up can make your legs and summer perfect!

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Stacy says:
For a long time I have been searching for a body make-up to cover the imperfections on my skin especially now getting into the warmer months where we use less clothing. Finally I found the Dermacol perfect body make-up, which comes in a beautiful black and pink easy to squeeze bottle, which is quite good to extract the product.

The first thing I noticed when I saw the product was that it claimed to be for all skin types, long lasting and water and smudge resistant which is what you are looking for in a body make-up.  The product did not have any distinct aroma and the consistency was quite good: very smooth and not too liquid almost like a body lotion so it was easy to apply and it blended easily to the skin.

When I tried the product I immediately noticed that the body make-up spread and dries easily and it does not leave any streaks, it covered all my imperfections and improved the overall appearance of my skin. The shade suited my skin and it gave me a nice instant tanned summery look. The product raised to the challenge, proving to be resistant to smudge and water, in fact it even resist moderate rain, and in the direct sunlight it did not flake and was also sweat resistant.  My only recommendation is that users should make sure that they give full coverage to the skin to ensure that there is an even tone; this can easily be obtained by applying the product as recommender in the instructions.

Overall I can say with certainty that this product will be a permanent addition to my body make-up collection. It exceeded all my expectations and provided a pleasant experience giving me a natural even healthy looking tan. It is definitely a keeper.


 Lucie says:
 The main reason why I decided to try this product was that I have some ugly scars on my legs and I am always shy to show them whether it is during summer or at party. Therefore, I wanted to test this cream. After using this product, I fell so good and my shame was completely gone!

The very first impression of this cream was very pleasant. The cream is packaged in a black-and-pink tube, which has a perfect size- not small and not too big. According to smell, I did not recognize any particular ingredients so I would say it is pretty neutral. Texture of that cream is very gentle and light. As I said earlier, the overall effect was awesome and I would recommend this product to those of you who have some troubles with not only scars but also pigmented spots or bruises.

The actual use does not take a long time. You just need few minutes to spread the cream but you really have to put the cream on every visible part of your body so that no one can see the difference. From the beginning, I thought that the cream is too dark for me but there is no need to be afraid as it perfectly adjusts every type of skin. After the use, I can see a big difference. My skin is so smooth without any shortcomings!

The only thing you should be careful about is the process of application. You should use the cream without any clothes on you, let it dry for a minute, wash your hands properly and then dress up. However, my overall experience with this product is positive and I can only recommend it. With this cream, you will feel more confident as well as comfortable since you will not have to wear any nylons and what is even better, you can use it when you go to the sea or a pool thanks to its water-resistant abilities!

Elza says:
I am glad that Dermacol came out with an idea of making a special Body Make-up. As summer comes the way of how our body skin looks starts being an issue. For instance, in my case this summer I didn’t have chance to get an even tan. However, I found an alternative way to solve this problem.

Body Make-up from Dermacol comes in the black tube and has a very nice “hair-lotion” smell. But It has a dense structure, which makes it challenging to apply evenly on the skin. As product promises, it provides a make-up effect by hiding spots and scratches and giving an even color, which have a tan effect. Another big plus of this product is that it moisturizes skin as well. As sometimes I have a dry skin, the Body Make-up helped to keep my skin on legs moisturized for the whole day.

As a recommendation from my side, I would advise you to apply the product by a big-size sponge, just like you usually do for a face foundation.

In conclusion I would like to say “Yes” to this new appearance in the beauty market. It is a good alternative for those who wants to give skin an even tan, as well as for those who needs a good foundation to hid skin imperfections. I was glad to be able to try a Body Make-Up and wanted to summarize its advantages and disadvantages from my personal experience. A Body Make-Up from Dermacol gives a shade making a tanned-look skin. It covers skin problems as redness, scratches, black spots, and scars. And finally it absorbs fast into the skin and keeps it moisturized. As disadvantages I would add that it is hard to spread evenly all over the skin and this product leaves smudges on the clothes. In the end I want to say in spite of its disadvantages, I would still recommend this product and will definitely continue using it.

Mary says:
Hello, summer! Do you want to see how ideally tanned legs look? Here they are – my legs in tandem with Dermacol Body make-up (Sand).

It really might be called make-up for a body, because the structure of the product reminds the skin tone cream texture. Be careful and don’t put it on the face instead! The product is not featured by an extraordinary smell. While looking like and smelling like body cream it actually functions as one. I could notice additional hydration, which is a significant advance in summer, after sunbathing and salty seawater. The color was pretty and subtle and made legs look so smooth. If I needed to describe the effect after Dermacol self-tanner, it would be ‘smooth effect’. What did I like most is the way it hid skin imperfections (veins, spots, ingrown hair and even bruises, if you are a sport lover or just meeting corners too often).

I was using it during ten days in the environment of a big city life, once a day before leaving home. No problems with it during the day. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the process while rubbing the tanner. Do it carefully to not miss a single area – otherwise white streams will be unavoidable. You can simply keep it in your make-up bag and ‘refresh legs make-up’ during the day, but it is not necessary. I would like it to be a bit smaller, but this is rather because of my huge love to minimalism.

Honestly, it was my first time of using a self-tanner and I can conclude that experiment was successful: my legs are tanned, smooth and slender. I will definitely use it the rest of the summer, or even in the fall, which is promised to be favorable.

Veronika says:
I have never used a body make up before. But this summer I ran a lot of Spartan races and my legs got so many bruises and scratches that it came across my mind to try one. The packaging of DERMACOL PERFECT BODY MAKE-UP is very simple and easy to use, which is the best thing to me. It does not almost have any smell and the texture is smooth and pleasant.

I applied it on my legs right after the shower without any moisturizing crème or base. I felt a tight sensation first and a bit of dry feeling. Throughout the day I had a feeling of something extra on my skin, as I am not used to it.

Overall I was using it for 5 days with quite an intense agenda: office, gym, day walk, and birthday party. The effect is immediate – your skin becomes mat and even with one cover color. I used it mainly in the legs area and my friends were asking whether I am wearing sheer tights or not. The change is very visible. It did cover all the mentioned imperfections I had.

I would definitely recommend using moisturizing crème before applying the body foundation, keeps the skin healthier looking.

On the sunlight it does look a bit fake to my critical opinion. But for the evening it is perfect!

I was wearing it while walking Prague streets during really hot day- and it did not melt nor got ruined by sweat.  Also does not leave any stains on the clothes, it dries out very quickly after applying it. Overall it was a pleasant experience for such type of product. No allergy or obvious discomfort. Personally I won’t use it that often, rather for special occasions to look perfect. I would put it to the “killing look essentials” box.

Shelleah says:
Every morning, I would apply the product to my legs. The first morning, the product went on smoothly so I was excited about this product but it made my legs appear very orange. I continued to blend the product but in the end, I had to wash it off because nothing I did would change the orange, fake tan-looking legs, which the product gave me.

Each day that I tried the product, I applied smaller amounts than the previous day in order to avoid orange legs. However, the end result was still orange, overly tanned legs.

Initially, I was excited to use this product as I have very fair/pale skin and spending hours in the sun is not so enjoyable or beneficial for me. So, to have a product which would give me sun-kissed looking legs in the summer was something I was very keen to try. Unfortunately, I would say that this product is not for people who have fair skin, like myself. So, I will not be using this product again.  Rather, I would recommend it to those with medium to darker skin tones, as it could give them a more natural, sun-kissed look in the summer without spending hours in the sun.

I have very, very fair/pale skin so any type of self-tanning products doesn’t usually give the desired result. Even when I’ve gotten a professional spray tan is sometimes questionable.

Iveta says:
The main reason for my decision to try Dermacol Body makeup were my not nice legs, on which I have varicose veins, that’s why I only wear long clothing. After using the product my legs started to look much better.

The first impression about the cream was very good based on all parameter beautiful packaging, good consistency for spreading, and cream has a neutral smell.

The Body makeup spreads easily and quickly. You would need to pay attention to equally spread the make-up in order to achieve a coherent appearance of sunburn and skin color. It just takes a few minutes and you’re done. You can see the difference after application of the product.

I didn’t have a chance to try a product for water resistance during the day, but the sweat doesn’t affect the product.

Overall, I am satisfied with this product and I can only recommend it to others. I think it will help to women to boost their confidence and feel better.

Lucie says:
I was really curious about the Dermacol Perfect Body Make-up and which effect I will have after using it. I am the one who don’t use concealer for my face and love minimalism with cosmetic products. Though, I love the sun and always trying to get proper tanned skin during the summer. The product fulfilling my requirements about tanned skin. I have a medium skin tone and the shade for product suites me perfectly. My upper body always get enough tan and legs always needs additional tan so its perfect in that way.

My skin is very sensible and I always have some scratches and after the small hit immediately get bruises. After applying the Dermacol Perfect Body Make-up I can spend summer in dress and leave pants for autumn. Since it covers all my problems and hits that I got in my childhood.

I am going on vacation in August and will definitely take the product to see if it is waterproof.

Just to sum up, I received what I wanted and think that we should write more reviews for future products to give our opinion for Beauty products.

Petra says:
the summer was slowly approaching I started, as every other girl, to prepare myself for the swimsuit season. However, I was not really tanned at the beginning of the spring. Therefore, I decided to try the Perfect Body Make-Up from the brand Dermacol. Primarily I wanted to use it on my legs to cover small imperfections like bruises etc. Nevertheless, the shade sand was a bit too dark for me at the time I really needed to use the product, although, my skin tone is olive. At this point of the time, I am already tanned so I can finally use the product.

The packaging is very practical and sleek tube. I can imagine that it would be easy to carry with you on a vacation. Additionally, the product has very nice and fresh scent with a touch of floral accent. Texture seemed to be nice at first but it is almost impossible to distribute the product evenly. The texture is thick and it is a little drying. Additionally, it is impossible to use it after using a body lotion or a body butter because it does not look good at all when it mixes with another product, it makes smears. I would definitely not recommend this product to people who suffer with dry skin. Nevertheless, the pigmentation is very good.

I do not think that this is an everyday product. I believe that it is rather meant to be used on a special occasion. Unfortunately it could easily transfer to your clothes and damaged them-that was for me very uncomfortable, especially now in the summer when you sweat because of the  hot weather. On the other hand I am pretty sure that it could help to feel more confident to somebody who suffer for example with the stretch marks.

just say,