Inner Beauty Rejuvenation with Dove Academy Workshop

Do you often feel like you don’t have enough self-confidence to achieve everything you desire? Or do you feel pressure from complicated situations and problems in your life and that bring you down? Dove is ready to help you get your confidence back with Dove Academy Workshop! Because at the end of the day, we all need a little confidence boost every now and then to keep us strong and beautiful.

Dove is currently looking for 12 Czech and Slovak women, who will become guests for the special weekend at the luxury wellness resort “Svatá Kateřina”. These women will revitalize in their newly found self-confidence, femininity and life energy. The aim of the workshop is to help women become aware of their inner and outer beauty. Lucky winners will get an exclusive opportunity to change their perspective on life and discover internal and external beauty with the help of experienced professionals.

Between the 2nd and the 4th of September, Jitka Nesnídalová and Tatiana Lesayová will consult these lucky ladies on personal development and solution of various tricky life situations. Moreover, ambassadors of the project and famous actresses Michaela Maurerová and Henrieta Mičkovicová will share their experiences as well as inspirational tips. To top it up, these lucky women will be taken care of by make-up and hair professionals and stylists, who will help these ladies find the perfect style that emphasizes their unique personality and beauty. They will get a chance to discover what suits them best in both hair and makeup.

Who would not want to spend a relaxing weekend working on their confidence and personal development skills in a luxury wellness resort?

All you need to do is write your life story to Dove and explain the reasons behind your lack of self-confidence. The team of professionals will pick 12 participants who will be invited to the workshop.

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