Review: Dermacol: Mega Lashes Waterproof Mascara

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Mega Lashes Waterproof Mascara by Dermacol has been reviewed by Beauty Members.

Beauty Members did everything to make sure that the product is reliable. They went to swimming pools, and spent time in the rain to make sure that the mascara had a water-resistant effect that would last against water, humidity and tears.

Now they are ready to wear the Dermacol mascara, even on the most important day of a woman’s life: her wedding day, to have extra security from tears.

WEARME FASHION distributed the same type of mascara to the selected Beauty Members. Each of them had different perceptions and described the texture of the mascara in different words.

This experiment with the mascara proved that every member used it in a different way, whether they applied it with one or two coats or even more. Thus the final effect can be positive or negative as it all depends on the type of eyes, the length of eyelashes, type of skin, and the way you apply it.

As the result, WEARME FASHION will prepare the article dedicated just to mascara on how to choose one for your eyelashes, how to apply it correctly, and avoid smudges.

Stay tuned and have thick, long and sexy waterproof lashes with the Dermacol. This waterproof mascara is the must-have item for the summer if you love living an active way of life!

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Aratrika says:

I had heard quite a lot about the Dermacol Mega Lashes Mascara recently and hence decided to give it a try, especially because it was waterproof and that is one thing that I really look at when it comes to makeup products for the eyes.

The mascara was packaged pretty well, it came in a usual looking mascara bottle which had a golden body and a blue cap. Although pretty well packed, the packaging was quite mainstream.

I used it for about ten days regularly, that is every time I went out. It had a very peculiar smell but was pretty convenient to use. One major plus, however, was its colour – Jet Black. The texture was lighter and thinner than mascaras in general and this one took waterproof pretty seriously, in the sense that you literally need a proper makeup remover to get rid of the mascara once you’re back home and want to be makeup-free.

Although I started losing some lashes when I used it initially, it got better the more I applied it. Can’t blame the product, however; that happens with my lashes with almost every mascara I ever use.

Overall, very honestly, this is like any other mascara that you can find in a drug store, but if you’re looking for something that’s affordable and nice at the same time, you should go for this one! But expect nothing absolutely exceptional.

Francesca says:

I’ve been trying Mega Lashes waterproof Mascara by Dermacol for the last 10 days. I chose this product because I was looking for a good waterproof mascara for summer. I think that this beauty product is essential when it’s hot and humid outside, but I still want my lashes to be in place.

The Mega Lashes Mascara comes in a metallic blue-golden packaging which I really like. But the best part about this mascara is the formula. It’s truly smudge-resistant, it builds beautifully, and it’s very pigmented. However, the mascara wand is not the best. The brushes pick up too much product, so it’s necessary to wipe off excess on a tissue. Once I cleaned it off, I always got a great result. This product provides so much length, volume, and definition! I can put a few coats on and get away with looking like I have on false lashes.

Overall, I think it’s a really good product. I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants bold, dramatic eyes with no clumps. I will not use it everyday, but it’s a winner for special occasions, including my own wedding. I’ll use it on my big day because I know it’s reliable, and I’ll be protected against tear-jerking vows.

Joyce says:
When buying mascaras, I like to keep a few things in mind. Curl-holding power is the most important aspect, followed by a non-clumping formula and then length and volume. Dermacol Mega Lashes Waterproof mascara has completely exceeded my expectations! It gives me thick, long and sexy waterproof lashes. The packaging of this mascara is a bit more chunky than required. The colour of the casing, however, doesn’t do any justice to the performance of this mascara. It does look expensive with the gold-blue combination, however, the words imprinted on the tube fades easily.
This mascara does have a slight alcoholic smell, and as for texture, I would consider it to be a wet formula. However, it is not too wet and it does not clump my lashes together too much. Because the formula is wet, I found that even when I tried my best to separate my lashes through the application process, once I blinked a few times, some of my lashes would stick together. But on the bright side, the clumps aren’t excessive and they don’t cause my lashes to look spidery or stubby. This mascara does an incredible job, and gives my lashes a huge lift and curls. When I tested this, I applied it in the morning before work, wore it all day, then did my workout in it. It stayed put, and didn’t smudge in spite of the sweat or walk home in the rain. So kudos to it on that count. This mascara did add a nice amount of length and has a great curl-holding power. It builds volume super quick, but with each additional coat, expect some clumping.
A clean spoolie is really helpful. If you’re a natural mascara kind of girl – one coat of this mascara is great. Of course I’m all for dramatic lashes, so I just carefully comb through my lashes until my desired effect. I always curl my lashes prior and apply a mascara primer for the best results. I did have to use makeup remover to get it off, though. I think after a coat or two, it would get a bit clumpy since it did feel a little bit sticky and thick.
From the few occasions I’ve worn this mascara, I can wholeheartedly say that I am sold. SOLD! Not only did the mascara not transfer and flake off, but it also did what I’ve always dreamed a mascara would do. This mascara held the curl! And boy did it hold them! Doesn’t really smudge due to being waterproof – FYI, I did shed a tear or two wearing this while watching a touching scene on a TV show and it stayed on, so, BONUS POINTS and kudos to Dermacol Mega Lashes. I was pleasantly surprised with 8+ hours of curly and fluttery lashes and the long-lost mascara-shaped jigsaw piece that was missing from my life. 100% hell to the yes. I would definitely buy this mascara! I’ve worn this mascara several times and I have been wowed every time.

Maryna says:

For all of my life, I have tried many different mascaras, and when I heard that the Dermacol had a new “Mega Lashes Mascara”, of course I wanted to try it immediately.
Mascara belongs to type “volume”; it has a characteristic, huge brush from thin synthetic pile. I am personally not a big fan of “volume mascaras”, but I decided to give this a chance to surprise me.
I used mascara standardly in my everyday makeup, for a little longer than a week, before writing this review. Right after opening, mascara had a cream texture, not too much liquid or dense, also the batcher copes well with the distribution of material on the brush.

I used to apply mascara in one layer on the lower eyelashes and in two layers on the top eyelashes.
During applying the first layer there were no problems, mascara was applying on each eyelash and felt that I had many more eyelashes. Applying the second layer, which I hate in the most of volume mascaras, unfortunately, my eyelashes have begun to stick together and lumps form on tips of eyelashes. It was necessary, immediately, to use another brush, to comb the eyelashes. To divide them until mascara has not dried and I did not remain with “spidery pads” for the whole day.

After a collapse in applying, I have understood that, unfortunately, it is necessary to refuse the second layer of mascara on eyelashes. The mascara applied in one layer creates volume, but I cannot call this volume the promised mega volume.
During the day, I had to remake a few times foundation under eyes because mascara imprinted approximately each 2-3 hours, and it occurred as in hot and cool weather. I was lucky, during testing, weather has exchanged from cold to hot, several times and I had the chance to test mascara in different weather conditions. Nevertheless, the mascara has passed a rain-test and has not begun to flow. It confirmed the rank “waterproof”. I was pleasantly surprised.
Washing off mascara at the end of the day, I could not call “very simple”, but for waterproof mascara, I consider it normally. I used various makeup removers for mascara, both water-based and oil-based, but it would not help too much and simplified recovering. Because of that, I cannot recommend it to girls with sensitive eyes.

In general, I cannot to say that the mascara has completely disappointed me, but at the same time, it has not surprised me and I cannot say that I want to continue using it. I am very bothered, because of needs to control constantly, my mascara has imprinted or not under eyes. Perhaps I have this problem, because I am owner of oilskin, and maybe girls with dry or normal skin will not have such a problem. Nevertheless, if you want to achieve super volume from this mascara, it is necessary for you always have a brush for division of eyelashes and removing clumps after applying Mega Lashes mascara by Dermacol.

Hind Says:

The perfect mascara is a girl’s best friend, and now I have found my best friend. I tried a lot of mascara, and this one is one of the best. I’m just so happy with the results. The first thing I noticed was how quickly it worked, every hair was covered, which never, ever happens for me. It makes my lashes so long and separated and makes it look like I’m wearing false lashes! I would repurchase it in a heartbeat.

The formula is super mousse-y and sometimes I even forget I’m wearing mascara because it feels so natural. The other good thing it has is water resistance, but to be honest, you need a good eye-makeup removal.

You can go and enjoy your day with this mascara that lasts the whole day. I’m just in love with it. I used the mascara for almost 8 days, and every day I wore it, it lasted for the whole day without any smudges. The mascara gives a false lashes effect after applying it.

When I went for a jog, it was a hot day and I was sweating, and I had a smudges from my eyeliner but not from my mascara. It was just so nice to have it the same the whole day; even when I washed my face it was a waterproof. I applied 2 coats, and I will definitely buy it next time.

Natalia says:

I have to say that I was very well surprised by how waterproof this mascara was. I have naturally oily skin, and therefore oily eye lids. And when I use a mascara, I have smudges under my eyes, mainly in summer when the weather is hot. But this mascara really lived up to its claims and I didn’t notice any residues or smudges even when I spent a lot of time in the sun. It is, however, a bit difficult to remove the mascara by an ordinary cleanser, but the makeup remover which is oil-based will do just alright.

My lashes are naturally pale, not very long, or thick, and that´s why I use mascara on a daily basis. It is very difficult to find the right mascara that will make my eyelashes appear longer and add volume. This mascara doesn’t make my eyelashes appear very much longer, but it does a bit.

However, it surely does add a lot of volume and really adds color as well. But as it is often the problem with volumizing mascaras, this one also has the tendency to make lashes clump, but not too much. The brush is nice but the filling is too dense probably because it needs to be slightly denser in order to be waterproof and that is what makes them clump.

I think that if somebody is looking for a mascara for the hot weather or mascara that can be worn to swimming pools and won’t scatter, this one is the right choice. The eyelashes will look denser and much blacker and you won’t have to worry about checking your eye-makeup all the time.

Olga says:

As the summer reached us this year, it has been my plan to find a mascara that would stay on-point during the whole day, no matter if it is utterly hot, or raining cats and dogs outside. Apparently, this mission is not as easy as it seems, since the market offers wide range of products to fulfill women’s wishes. As one of the products, I have decided to test “Mega lashes waterproof mascara” by Dermacol. Results were not disappointing, however, at the same time, not completely satisfying.

On the first sight, mascara looks like any other, blue and gold package of the typical size of mascara that you can put to your little makeup bag. After opening, you will notice voluminous brush, thick texture and surprisingly not any particular smell.

The effects of mascara had been noticeable already after the first application. I noticed that my eyelashes quickly gained volume and became thicker. Since I am wearing glasses, I must say I have been pleased with the rapid drying of the mascara and no stamps on my skin or glasses. Furthermore, the application is quite easy and convenient for daily use.

The problem comes when you are having a busy day, waking up early in the morning, working until the evening, and all you wish for is to not to have to run to the bathroom every hour to check if your makeup looks still fabulous. Unfortunately, Dermacol mascara was creating little crumbs under my eyes as I was going through the day, which was quite disappointing. Therefore, I had to be always ready to clean the area below my eyes to make sure that I am not having that messy look.

Overall experience with this mascara was pleasant. I do not recommend it for the long day use, however, it is perfect for the water activities or nights out. I am looking forward for my eyelashes to look sharp during this summer on the beach!

Tatiana says:

I usually do not wear a lot of makeup, but a good mascara is a must-have item in my purse. That is why, when summer holidays knocked on my door, I decided to try the Mega Lashes Waterproof Mascara by Dermacol. The product comes in a colourful tube and it has a brush that perfectly creates volume. My lashes are a bit moody about mascara brushes, but they seemed to fall in love with this one!

Right after the application, they stuck together, but then I combed them with the brush without putting it into the tube. As a result, my lashes looked combed and they seemed longer than before the application. The only thing I did not like about the product was that the mascara left little smudges above my eyelids and I had to use makeup remover to get rid of it.

Since I have never used waterproof mascara before, I could not wait to see how my lashes would look after contact with water. Therefore, after the very first application, I went to the pool to see whether the mascara will last or not. The result was excellent! After half an hour of swimming under the water, my lashes seemed to be as good-looking as before!

Overall, this product will surely stay with me for the whole summer! Thanks to it, my lashes will look long and beautiful even if I decide to swim.

just say,

Cover Photo : Hana Matsuura