MBPFW SS17: Czech Designers Inspired by Japan

Experienced to Debuting Czech Designers are Inspired by Japanese Culture

New debuting designers talk about their Spring Summer 2016 collection right after the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week in Prague. Japanese culture has captured and inspired Czech Designers in every way from films, the streets of Tokyo and architecture to a niche Japanese subculture — Bosozuku.

Read the fascinating stories behind the creation of Spring Summer collection!


For SS17 collection, designers of the CHATTY brand Anna Tušková and Radka Sirková got their inspiration from the Japanese culture Bosozuku. Bosozuku is a youth subculture created by socially excluded teenagers and associated with customized motorcycles, literally translating as “violent run tribe”. The collection includes a few unisex pieces that have been created in correlation with shapes typical for car racing, portraying masculinity and brutality. Anna and Radka emphasized different types of denim, such as linen selvage, white, dark blue, varnished and washed, mixing it with casual fabrics. Intricate and sophisticated tailoring gives the garments a unique and edgy feeling distinct to CHATTY. The collection was made complete with the help of a talented Czech artist Michal Škapa, who cooperated with designers and created the prints for the patchwork. Artists used a special technique to create them — the motifs were first printed onto the fabric, then laminated and stitched onto the garment.


Kateřina Plamitzerová

Plamitzerová’s SS17 collection Nihon Lobendau has been inspired by archetypes from the animated movie Princess Mononoke, by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. A lot of Miyazaki’s work include strong female leads, who have a personal relationship with nature and a magical connection with odd creatures. Plamitzerová uses the main character, a wolf princess, from Princess Mononoke as inspiration for her collection. The wolf princess is constantly endangered by various enemies and situations, which intertwines with the fact that in the Czech Republic wolves are constantly in danger of becoming victims of hunting. Kateřina never looks at her creation from just the visual side, but always strives for developing a strong story line as well. Nihon in Japanese stands for Japan and Lobendau (Lobendava) is the name of a really small, distant and wild Czech village in the north of Bohemia, where Kateřina spent a year of her life. The collection represents a connection between Miyazaki, the world of his heroes and Lobendau.


Accessories play an important part in the Kateřina’s collection and the person responsible for making it complete was Markéta Kratochvílová, who wanted to highlight the main inspiration, princess Mononoke, but also powerful and strong women. The girls admire Japan and Japanese fashion designers, which is why they are trying to bring something interesting and different from another culture to her own town.

Alter Era

Alicia Declerck and Zhanna Belskaya are the faces behind Alter Era brand. This is the duo’s third collection, but first time presenting it at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. Before they present their new collection, the girls did some research in historical or ethnic teams to get influenced by different cultures and eras, and this is exactly what their name stands for. Alter Era is a reference to a different time, a different era, and even another world, so they are bringing that into their new collections by trying to create timeless pieces. The print for their SS17 collection was inspired by architecture in Tokyo. It shows a lot of tridimensionality and incorporates various techniques like pleating and origami technique in diagonal cuts of the garments because Tokyo is a very architectural city. The overall look of each silhouette on the runaway portrays a Tokyo girl — she has a backpack, knee socks, and skirts. However, it is presented in a way that also shows elements of traditional Japanese clothing pieces inspired by geishas, which adds it the elegance and contemporary feeling. The garments look fresh and eclectic thanks to predominating white color mixed with bright shades of purple, blue, and orange.


Photo credit: archive Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week

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