Some Things Will Never Change: Rock’n’roll Culture and Its Revival in the Czech Republic

Strolling through the long rows of the vintage clothes and accessories of the fall Flea Market in MeetFactory, you will undoubtedly find some hidden treasures, things that call you back to the past. Here’s a pair of vintage glasses, just like my grandma used to have when I was young. Here’s a denim bomber the same as my college boyfriend used to wear. Over there, a woman holds a vinyl record of Ramon’s, whose record ‘Hey Ho, Let’s Go!’ was known by almost every teenager in the ’70s.

A crowd gathers around the stand with an extensive vinyl collection, featuring the records of famous rock bands such as Sex Pistols, the Who, The Police and others that are still exciting the young generation. Over the last decade, the demand for vinyl records has significantly increased. The craze has hit, not only among audiophiles, who want to recapture their youth but also with the young generation, who is searching for an authentic sound, unaffected by any computer modifications.

“People here love vinyl”, say Blanka and Slavek Keltner, the owners of the online vinyl shop. “If you compare to the previous years there were almost no shops that would sell records, now there are more than 20 of them.” As a famous saying goes “Everything new is well-forgotten old.” The new young generation listens more and more to the music from their parent’s adolescence. To get your fill of oldies take a look at this selection of the most famous and powerful songs of the past that are hitting their second wind today!

1. Queen, 1977, We Will Rock You

We all know the rhythm and we all know the words that follow. The song “We will rock you “ has been rocking the crowds for more than a quarter of a century. It was written by the band’s guitarist Brian May and sung by iconic singer Freddie Mercury.

2. Led Zeppelin, 1971, Stairway to heaven

Composed by the band’s guitarist Jimmy Page, the song Stairway to heaven sometimes is referred to as the greatest song of our time. The band’s popularity reached its peak in the late 1970s but even after many years the group still has millions of fans all over the world and their reissued albums are rocking the album charts.

3. Pink Floyd, 1975, Wish you were here

It is hard to pick out only one song by this famous English rock band, as during the 1970s — the peak of their career — they produced hit after hit. The song “Wish you were here” encompasses the topic of alienation and disenchantment with the music industry and is dedicated to the English singer Syd Barret.

4. Bob Dylan,1965, Like a Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan was one of the most influential musicians of his time, enchanting listeners with groovy rhythms. The lyrics of the song “Like a rolling Stone are based on a short story written by Bob Dylan himself and as he admitted this song was a “breakthrough” that changed his perception of his career.

5. The Who, 1975, Baba O’Riley

Another informal name of the song is “Teenage Wasteland” describes better the core of the lyrics about the teenage feeling of desperation and desolation where the only salvation can be found in Rock’n’Roll. The original name of the song is a combination of the names Meher Baba and Terry Riley, who deeply influenced the life of the leader of the group — Pete Townshend.

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