White Show Milano Spring 2017: Diverse Fashion Designers You Need to Know

The White Trade Show in Milan, held seasonally during fashion week, is the place where decisions on what you will find in stores next season are ACTUALLY made.

Wearme.fashion could not miss the event. We spotted the eclectic fashion designers you’ll need to look for when the time comes to upgrade your wardrobe for SS17. From Italy to China, through Georgia and Kazakhstan, we are prepared to meet your every desire for unique pieces!

Alcoolique, Italy

Rocco Adriano Galluccio, Naples native, personally designs every print and ornament on his feminine yet unique collections. A very sophisticated “afternoon in the garden” is the theme behind his  SS ‘17 collection, with many transparencies, lace, and embroideries. He aims to dress a woman so that heads will turn when she walks by, will this be you next season?

IJO’ Design, Italy

In IJo’ Design The art of architectural draping distinctive of haute couture is brought to everyday fashion. IJo’ Design’s creations from Puglia will look unique because your own body is the one shaping these top notch textiles.

Ijò design at White Milano Tortona 27 box 242 #whiteofficial #blogger #madeinpuglia #milan #fashionblogger #buyer

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Jadise, Italy

Some of his dearest island’s traditional designs transpires from the forever Sicilian Massimiliano D’Angelo. Superior leathers and the finest craftsmanship are used in his very contemporary pieces. It takes only one bag to ensure your daily appearance stays iconic, be it from the daring Jadise GeoJungle line, or from the signed-by-artist JadiseArt collection.

Diana Kvariani, Georgia

Prints and 3D applications from Diana Kvariani give a decadent Rococo allure to the flowing lines of her creations. All her dresses come styled with shirts underneath. She is renowned for her pyjamas ensembles, but all of them also make beautiful stand-alone pieces for your summer wardrobe.

Janashia, Georgia

Whether an emerging or seasoned designer — like Gvantsa Janashia — you will soon realize that Georgia has something to say about elegance. Minimalist silhouettes with a touch of French attitude, Janashia’s is undoubtedly a daring woman, who lives everyday aware of her beauty and power.

Lako Bukia, Georgia

Lako Bukia, after the success of her prét-à-porter line, graces us with one diffusion collection “LoLo by Lako”. Vintage lovers will go crazy for the chemisier comeback, but generally, the whole SS ’17 collection has that “for old time’s sake” allure that works so nicely in spring!

Lalo Cardigans, Georgia

From the creative minds of two twin sisters, so young that its hard to believe they’ve already made a name for themselves on the fashion scene. But its probably because of their young age that they were able to bring boring old cardigans to a whole new level. Mother Nature is the inspiration behind the graceful lines and delicate decorations on Lalo’s collection, which suits the season of blossoming flowers so beautifully. The silk underneath every ensemble adds a touch of sophistication and delicacy.

Tamuna Ingorokva, Georgia

Tamuna Ingorokva could not be anything but a Minimalist, after working for Nina Ricci. Only a woman can know how to PERFECTLY use leather on women in a way that is sexy yet undeniably elegant, but you might want to own one of her leather creations, celebrated by the industry as some of the most interesting modernist interpretations that the market has to offer for SS17.

Aika Alemi, Kazakhstan

Aika Alemi brings some of her “rooted in Kazakhstan” femininity to European women’s wardrobes. Ethnic inspiration filtered through  sartorial knowledge creates an undeniable sophistication…

В любом Париже или Нью-Йорке я помню, откуда я и что составляет сердцевину моего существования. Моя земля, без тебя я как перекати-поле, как дерево без корней, как песня без музыки. Суйем сени, туган жерим, елим, ата мекеним, сенин алдында борышым манги отелмес… In any Paris or New York I always remember where I'm from and what makes the central part of my being. My land, without you I am like tumbleweed, like a tree without roots, like a song without music. I love you, my birth place, my motherland, the ancestors' homestead, to you my debt is never to be paid… #ss17 #springsummer2017 @aikaalemi #photo @NursuluJaxybai #model @ma._q #muah @mira_prospere #assistant @aselya_risbai #artdirector @aikaalemi #bts #behindthescenes @no.ocean #video @samaldykovs #thegirlfromthesteppe #alemiiskazakhforworld #theworldofaika #lemondedaika #ilmondodiaika #aikaalemi #justsaying

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JinnnnJinnnn, China

Special guest at WHITE, we are talking real couture elegance here. Chinese costume inspirations tempered with the highest French sartorial knowledge. Jinnnn is the perfect avant-garde piece for your wardrobe, guaranteed with the authentic atelier know-how that makes clothes last a lifetime.

JINNNN is our special guest designer in September! Stay tuned for more news about our China Calling project! #WHITEMilano

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Simongao, China

Designs deeply rooted in inspirations from our time enclosed in the clean, elegant lines of master tailoring. Clothes designed to match a charismatic woman, who can afford to highlight her aura of power with zipper liners, and who will walk with her head high in figure fitting prints and luxurious draping.

Rolling Acid, China

Sonja Xiao Lang, one of Instagram’s favourites from China, a top power player in the Asian fashion scene, joins forces with artist Mr. Pong Pong from the Netherlands, creating a collection designed for the It-Girl.

Cover photo: White Milano

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