The Season of Colors

Perhaps, for the first time, those extravagant and bold lips which appeared on the fashion catwalks are no longer so far away from everyone else. They are called Power lips, starting from burgundies and plums, from the matte red to the seductive classic scarlet as well as all kinds of nude shades, and even blue or black tints. What’s the news, you’re asking? The texture of the lipstick has been changed along with the season; it is no longer extra-bright, shiny or irradiated with glitter. They are now mate, or mate opaque.

Not only do these seasonal colors give a whole new meaning to a beautiful smile, but it also add colors and joy, while still maintaining an attitude which combines femininity without all the frills.

The mate is an absolute go-to for fall, but the glossy lips are still able to keep up with these modern times. When applying a lipstick, the Make-Up Artist from Estée Lauder, Ester Tesaříková, encourages the use of imagination and a creative approach, because, in makeup, there are no rules.

“You can, for example, apply first some eyeshadow or highlighter to the lips and then put some lip-gloss or balm,” said the artist. “Natural-looking and a bit toned lips are very trendy these days. Apply the lipstick with your fingers to get a very fresh and toned look.”

How to combine two shades that every woman can use this autumn?

“First of all, you would need to choose two colors of lipstick, deep red/violet and some softer tone of red. You apply first the lighter color all over the lips, but then you try to remove it and dry the lips a bit with a tissue very gently to achieve, again, not that precise look. The second step is going to be applying the darker red lipstick, and you start from the middle where you can add a little bit more to force the color but you do not apply the darker lipstick on all lips only in the middle. Finally, blend it with your fingers to get the Ombre look”.

Ester Tesaříková is convinced “that every woman should have red lipstick. Or to choose from very trendy colors like red wine, brown – red or just brown. Or even nude colors in any tone is classy, always: especially brown nude”.

The Season of Colors

According to stylists, lips will be the statement of the season: intense shades along with a classy look gives us a new energy to our face. Let’s see how fashion designers interpret Power lips this season.

Prada – Plays with the sexy, but a modern simplicity of Lolita.

Elie Saab – Jumping on the train to the past, Eli Saab takes us to the long-standing classics with richly opaque, bonafide elegant red hues. Red lipstick is a MUST in the cosmetic bag of every It-Girl!

Christian Dior – Christian Dior’s fashion takes the classics of the 90’s and chooses a deep and luminous rouge for the provocative and eye-catching look.

Marni – Marni adds the aristocratic allure to the fashion look on the catwalk by using a dark brown and black shine-free hues.

Antonio Marras – Bets on the passion & power that Tom Pecheux implements by combining two shades of lipstick and making a transition from the balmy hues to more sated claret.

We couldn’t skip Fendi’s pop makeup which establishes a fun look with the folk traits and multi-colors. They would definitely get the attention of any and every person standing next to you. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with various colors and forms to find your perfect look!



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