Cosy Essentials For A Stylish Autumn

Watching the colours of nature change outside the window, each of us experiences the resonance of the fall season, feeling the need to change our colours accordingly, be it with a renewed hairstyle or a new pashmina. made a cosy selection from the places where autumn is the most colourful. From the first snow on the heights of the Alps, to the falling leaves of the trees in the valleys, to the winter sea, we bring you the colours of six new brands from Italy. We all cheered for Vogue’s statement last week: “There’s always room for a new coat.” And since the word of Anna Wintour is LAW, we oblige with a proposal by 070 ST. Cosy on the padded inside polished on the outside.

If fall is not the time for some ankle boots-binge shopping, then we don’t know when is! Starting with the classics: “Angela” leather ankle boots by Pas De Rouge. Add some chic embroidery to your footwear collection with the next selection from Pas De Rouge, until switching to the bicolour version by Fabio Rusconi. For the more daring among us who want to make an entrance this season, step up in these suede platforms by Pas De Rouge, whether in bordeaux or with a statement golden square heel.



Now let’s literally wrap this up. In some chic lurex by Abstracat, possibly! The brand also offers some of the purest wool, sophisticatedly embroided and decorated with innovative rich materials.



It will be up to fancy lurex backpacks by Pijama to brighten up the city mood with bright orange and optical motifs. This Pijama mini backpack pays tribute in pink to the undying postal.

Now, will not be held responsible for fights and subsequent breakups to take place in shops, but you might want to drag your significant other along for the shopping spree, enjoy some cuddles together, and the cosiness courtesy of Sun68. Top-class Italian race cars (definitely boyfriend-approved) are the theme for Sun68’s patches for this round-neck sweatshirt.



For a more aggressive approach to the cold season, she and he in a team, rock the skull theme with these Sun68 jumpers and felt cardigans.

Cover photo: Pijama

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