Welcome to the Jungle: New Christmas Collections from The Body Shop

The Body Shop is going to make this Christmas wild and green, inviting us to join their wildest campaign ever.

Through buying a special Christmas gift from The Body Shop, you will become a wild jungle heroine, helping endangered animals like Sumatran and Malayan Tigers, Asian Elephants, and Sumatran Orangutans and contributing to restoring 1 square meter of rainforest with each purchase.

So let’s help the small monkey Reggie find its soulmate choosing your wild favorite gift from The Body Shop jungle! Be the Queen of the jungle with the three new gorgeous Christmas collections by The Body Shop!

Merry (Berry) Christmas

A deliciously juicy performance is given by the Frosted Berries in this fragrance, a sweet combination of cranberry, blackcurrant, and raspberry from North America, softly balanced by white flowers and creamy vanilla. Well-known for their antioxidants and anti-aging properties, the berry body butter, body lotion and body scrub will be your fave Christmas partners-in-crime in keeping your skin young, healthy and beautiful.

What about a Vanilla milkshake?

This Christmas, just make your skin tasty and delectable like a milkshake with Vanilla Chai, a warm and enveloping formula for your body care routine. Creamy milk, brown sugar and addictive vanilla from Madagascar are what make this collection a must-have. The typical sweetness of aroma also has anti-stress benefits, so don’t hesitate to try the whole range—the body butter, the body lotion, and the body scrub—to make sure you have a wild beauty experience.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Direct from the Italian Alps, the new Spiced Apple collection is a rich, spicy and aromatic Christmas treat for your skin. Alpine apple seed oil is the main ingredient and is loaded with Vitamin E, a natural remedy that helps your skin makeover. The fresh aroma of Alpine green apples perfectly matches with cinnamon and orange, leaving your skin smelling like a blooming grass. Spice up your whole beauty routine with the full Spiced Apple set including the body butter, body scrub, and shower gel.

Body Butter– 469 CZK, 50ml; Shower Gel– 189 CZK, 250ml; Body Lotion-359 CZK, 250 ml; Hand Cream– 159 CZK, 30ml; Bath Foam– 349 CZK, 300ml; Body Mist-549 CZK, 100 ml; Lip balm -189 Czk.

Christmas beauty keywords: spicy, juicy, creamy, fruity and, of course, wild. Come experience and take home the Wildest Christmas atmosphere in the Body Shop in Prague.

Cover photo: The Body Shop

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