Lena Dunham Strips Down for Hillary in a New Rap Video

On November 3, “Girls” star Lena Dunhman jolted the internet with the video “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem,” in which she raps about her favourite presidential candidate: Hillary Clinton. With two days left until America’s elections, the air is heating up around both candidates: Democrat Hillary Clinton, and Republican Donald Trump. This election has become one of the hottest current topics around the world. The video received a mixed reaction from internet users.                                                                                                         In the 3-minute clip, released by Funny or Die, Dunham poses as wannabe raper MC Pantsuit, praising her favourite candidate. She has supported Clinton throughout the campaign, posting numerous pictures of “the nation’s baddest grandmother” on Instagram.                                                                                                                                           “I have been so shaken by this election. It has unveiled the darkest aspects of American culture, and the racist, homophobic, ableist and xenophobic rhetoric is making me ill, ” explains Dunham in the beginning of the video.                                                                         In the course of the video Dunham strips to the “sensual pantsuit.” The reason? “You’ve got to show your body, everything you have for the candidate you love” raps Dunham in the clip. If you didn’t understand the purpose of the video, Dunham puts it out there loud and clear with an “I’m with her!” In her determinative support for Clinton, Dunham shows that she is unafraid to make provocative and eccentric gestures to show her allegiance prior to the Tuesday’s elections.                                                                                                 The clip features Tony-winning The Color Purple star Cynthia Erivo, who sings, “Let’s get out and vote or everybody might die.” The video resonated with the masses with a mixed reaction, resulting in hundreds of contradicting comments. The radio personality Charlamagne Tha God, who also appears in the clip, says “Yes [Lena Dunham’s] raps are trash but the message is clear. We voting November 8th unless y’all got some better ideas.”                                                                                                                                     Throughout history celebrities have taken part in the US elections, endorsing candidates and even participating in or throwing fundraisers. However, this year’s race for the presidency has outrun previous elections with the number of celebrities and their involvement in the presidential race. Clinton ensured a lead of about 800 celebrities on her side and Dunham was not the first one who was eager to strip for her favorite candidate. In September 2016, singer Katy Perry released a video where she appears naked and encourages Americans to vote in the upcoming elections. In the Funny or Die video, she makes a point that Americans can vote after just waking up and don’t have to put a lot of time into choosing an outfit. Of course, she humorously shows up to the polls and strips down, only to be arrested. Perry concludes by telling viewers from the back of a police car that as long as you wear clothes, you can easily show up to the polls to cast your vote.

Election Day is November 8, and the attention of the whole world will be drawn to the political stage in the US as the day unfolds.

Watch the full Sensual Pantsuit Anthem below:

Cover photo credit: @lenadunham

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