The Best Scenic Places to Go for an Autumn Walk in the Czech Republic

Whether you are still filled with nostalgia for the days of summer, or enjoy lower temperatures, not many would argue that autumn is a beautiful season, just perfect for hiking, spending time outdoors, or enjoying the last days of warmth before the cold winter sets in.  It’s no wonder seasonal activities during autumn are so popular around the world. And where better to enjoy some of these activities than the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic is home to some of the world’s most beautiful gardens, incredible chateaus and breathtaking national parks, just perfect for an autumn stroll! So here for you today, we’ve rounded up ten stunning locations that are just perfect to explore for a walk, to enjoy an entire afternoon, or even spend a weekend getaway.

Vrtba Garden, Prague                                                                                                               Cosily located on the slope of Petrin Hill, Vrtbovska zahrada is Prague’s Baroque treasure, with its picturesque green hedge labyrinths, exquisite sculptures and amazing view of the city below. This petite park is the creation of František Maximilian Kaňka that was founded in 1720. Vrtbovska zhrada is one of the smallest and prettiest gardens in the city. In the summer the garden dazzles with colors and smells of various flowers, but autumn sees a beautiful change in the flowers’ colors. Gold and red enter the gardens in the fall, and in winter, one can’t keep their eyes off the thin layer of snow covering the chimney rooftops and the spires of the St. Nicolas church, visible from the garden hill. This is a perfect place to distract yourself from a city bustle.

Wallenstein Garden, Prague  

This ample baroque garden is located amid the tangle of streets in Mala Strana and is dominated by the grandiose palace which was built for Duke Albert of Wallenstein in the 17th century. It consists of several parts. One part of the garden is found next to the Malostranska metro station and a beautiful pond with a fountain is located in its middle. A second part features an alley decorated with beautiful antique statues and green hedges to accentuate them, among which a haughty peacock may occasionally be sighted. Finally, a third part of the garden is a bizarre wall featuring a bunch of mystical carved figures which include faces, snakes and skulls. If you have the chance to visit, you should definitely put Wallenstein Park on your travel itenerary!

Letna Hill, Prague                                                                                                                      Letna Hill or Letenske Sady is a spacious park which is located on top of a hillside that is immersed in green trees dotted along many knotted paths. It is perfect for an enjoyable walk on a sunny day. From the hillside, one has an amazing view overlooking the whole city, and the benches scattered around the park welcome the occasional wanderer to sit and enjoy a couple of minutes alone with nature. The park is also perfect for practicing different kinds of sports as well as taking a walk with one’s family. During the summer, the park’s famous beer garden is replete with people gathered to enjoy a glass of their favorite beer to go along with the beautiful view the park provides.

Chateau Valtice, Moravia                                                                                                        There is yet another baroque gem situated in the Moravia region: Chateau Valtice.  It is also called the capital city of wine, and is a MUST SEE for wine loving tourists visiting the Czech Republic. Built by thirteen princes, the chateau is the former residence of the Lichenstein family and now is the biggest wine producer in the Czech Republic. If you’re ever amiss for weekend plans, why not plan a walk in the magnificent park of the Lednice-Valtice complex? The park has even been mentioned by UNESCO for the great number of rare tree species and picturesque views, as well as, of course, the delicious wine tastings. What more could you ask for in a weekend getaway?

Bohemian Switzerland National Park

The youngest of the Czech Republic’s national parks, Bohemian Switzerland welcomes travelers with breathtaking views over deep and mighty forests, verdant valleys, grandiose rock towers, crystalline-clear lakes and bustling streams. This park is the home of many rare trees and animals. Visitors to the park can feel at one with nature, and completely forget about the troubles of city life, and even if you are new to hiking, you would surely enjoy one of the easier hiking trails to partake in the scenery. Of course, for those less novices, there is a 70km route as well to enjoy the full splendour of the park.

Ohře River Valley trail, Karlovy Vary

The scenic valley of the Ohře River, located between Karlovy Vary, and Loket, is 8 km long, and was formed when the river forced its way through a massive granite rock formation. One of the most attractive sights in the valley is the Svatoš Rocks (Svatošské skály), a granite rock cluster created by Mother Nature herself. The valley is not only famous for its natural sights, but also for the remnants of the early medieval Slavic Starý Loket (Old Elbow) and Tašovice settlements, the latter of which is the oldest Slavic settlement in the region. Feel free to take some time out to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and marvel at the forgotten past as an escape from your typical boring day-to-day.

Jeseniky Mountains

When you travel to the Jeseniky Mountains, you will find a perfect combination of activity and relaxing retreat. The allure of the great views from the hundreds of marked routes attract hikers and cyclists from all over the world. Even if biking or hiking is not your cup of tea, you can tour the most important attractions like Králický Sněžník, Praděd and Rejvíz (protected natural reservations). When finished touring, you can come relax in the healing spas located in spa towns to revitalize yourselves for the challenges of a new day.

Bohemian Paradise, Cesky Raj                                                                                                      

Do you like fairy tales? Would you care to imagine yourself as a medival prince or princess? Well then! If you set off to the north of Bohemia to a place called the Bohemian Paradise, you can! There, you can find a huge park covering a territory of more than 180 kilometers full of giant forests, ancient rock formations, foreboding caves, and majestic castles scattered around. As one of the first geoparks to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bohemian Paradise makes for a perfect hiking spot as well. One simply needs to travel to Hrubá Skála for a breathtaking view of a beautiful castle on top of the hill, or to climb to the top of two steep peaks that were once active volcanoes to witness the storied ruins of gothic Trotsky Castle.

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Have you ever seen oceanic photography in National Geographic? Imagine if you could see the bottom of the ocean yourself! Well, you can, and without even having to leave the borders of the Czech Republic. There’s a little known place in far northeastern Bohemia that was once underwater. Now, a visible remnant of what was once the ocean floor, the Adršpach-Teplice rocks are host to many magnificent parks. These parks are the home of unbelievable rock formations, beautiful waterfalls, and the arcane and swampy Vlčí Rokle (Wolf Gorge).

Cover photo credit: @gentontheloose

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