Review: TOPSHOP Liquide Lip

WEARME.FASHION reviewers had to look at Topshop’s new liquid lipsticks. In four beautiful shades—brownish nude, beige nude, classic red, and deep plum—this product is right in time for this fall. TOPSHOP Liquide Lip uses a velvet cream formula that creates a super matte finish on lips.                                                                                                           Four reviewers of different ages, skin types and preferences tried the product and shared their opinions about TOPSHOP Liquide Lip.                                                                         Read their unique stories and share your experience with us.

Helena, Decoy (deep plum)                                                         Berry lips are one of my favorites when it comes to autumn. Deep plum color just seems like the perfect accessory for the cloudy weather. It instantly brightens up your back to black outfit and makes you feel a little bit more put together.                                               For me, it was not so easy, though. I had to find my way to darker lipsticks. I did not feel comfortable wearing them, but with every upcoming year and changing season, I have noticed that dark lips actually suit my dark hair and fair skin tone. I guess I do not have to tell you how many times I had to reapply them before I became a pro. To be honest, I am not a pro yet, but this is why lip pencils were created, am I right?                                       The recent one I have tried is the liquid lipstick in a “Decoy” shade. It was pretty much my first time using a liquid lipstick. I have tried only one before. The application is a little bit more liquid than a lipstick, but that makes the application easier. If you want the full berry finish, you need two to three coats. I have noticed it is better to wait a while before reapplying another coat, so the first one is fully dry and you are not left with sticky lips. The lipgloss brush makes it easier to precisely line the lips. What I like the most about it is the matte finish. It feels a bit more sophisticated than shiny lip gloss. I do not know about you, but I hate the lipsticks that make my lips even dry than they already are. This one does not! It is a perfect creamy formula, so you are not left with chapped lips.                 The downside that I have noticed is that the lipstick tends to transfer on your teeth. Make sure you do not have dark stains on your teeth before you smile. Another thing that I am not a big fan of is the staying power. I had a drink and lunch wearing this lipstick and unfortunately it did not last.                                                                                                           It is not necessarily a color for daily wear. I cannot really image myself rocking it to 8 am lectures.  But for the date after classes, it is a perfect choice. I think that the shade is great for teens and girls in 20s as I am, but I could also imagine my mum wearing such a color. It is all about experimenting and finding what suits you the best.

What about you and berry shades? Have you ever tried liquid lipsticks?

Erika, Rascal (classic red)

                                          Times, when red lipstick was reserved only for Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or Coco Chanel, are gone for good. Today’s women are more powerful, independent and enthusiastic. We are braver and more adventurous souls than we used to be. We got used to expressing ourselves by appearance first, and this is why red lipstick is the best choice in every way.
First of all, I have to say that the Rascal color was just perfect for me. I think that red lips are very sexy and sensual and each woman should own at least one red lipstick. Red is a universal shade, so this lipstick is perfect for all age groups. The texture of this lipstick is quite smooth. What can be attractive is fact that lipstick is matte, but it will not dry out as usual matte lipstick. The coverage is quite strong, and thanks to that, you will be noticeable at each party or during your ordinary day. It is easy to apply and let your lips be very soft and moisturized. Unfortunately, the effect of lipstick will not last long, because it is easy to remove, especially when you are drinking or eating. But you simply put on another cover and everything will be as it should be. To sum up, I would absolutely recommend this liquid lipstick. It is a must have piece for each woman, not only for its famous colour, but also for its velvet texture. I am glad to have it in my cosmetic bag.

Aratrika, Hustle (brownish nude)

                                          Topshop has been my favorite brand for clothing for a long time now so when I was offered to try out their liquid lipsticks, I got super excited. Generally, I am really picky about lip products I use since my lips are particularly sensitive to ‘not-so-good’ quality products. But with a brand name as reliable as Topshop, that was not a worry at all.            I have heard from a lot of people that using liquid lipsticks can really dry your lips out, but worry not, this is definitely not the case with this product. It has an extremely soft and smooth texture with a matte finish. On the top of that, the shade I was using, Hustle (brownish nude), is probably one of the most beautiful shades I have ever seen. It’s one of those natural shades that is apt for almost everyone, regardless of their skin tone or age group and can be put on at all times of the day. It makes your lips look at natural as possible and yet makes them stand out! This has honestly become my go-to shade already.                                                                                                                                       There is just one drawback to the product, however: it comes off really fast. Within about fifteen to twenty minutes of putting it on, you will see most of it gone already and there’ll just be bits of it left on your lips in a very light shade. But again, this is just a small drawback for the wonderful product that this liquid lipstick is.                                     Moving on, I would definitely like to recommend all the lipstick lovers out there to try out this wonderful product. Trust me, you will love it, I already do!

Vera, Phony (beige nude)

                                                I am very picky with colors for lipsticks, as I love very practical ones to use during the work day that will make you feel good and comfortable wearing it.                                     The TOPSHOP Liquide Lip Phony shade a beige nude color suites my pale skin tone well. This shade is very practical, and could match with any outfit. Thus, one lipstick can be useful in any occasions during the day and protect from a windy fall.  What’s more, the shade creates a natural look and makes lips very soft. The scent is reminiscent of a sweet vanilla.                                                                                                                                               The applicator has a velvet base that creates a velvet feel and cozy effect while you are applying it. It allows you to get a precise application, and glides easily on to the lips.           I am very much appreciated the quality and duration of the lipstick, as it’s stayed the whole day with me. You need to reapply it several times a day as you eat and drink during the day, which is a natural process.                                                                                           This lipstick will be with me as long as it lasts.

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