Adele: Two-Years Stop to Build a Family

As the extensive (over 100 dates) Adele Live world tour comes to an end from its last date in Phoenix, Arizona, Adele had a special surprise finale in store for her audience.  The British music icon declared in front of thousands that she is having her second child with fiancé Simon Konecki and that she is taking a two-year-long break from the music scene to focus on motherhood.

Adele has always been one, to be frank, and real, and stand up in front of the media completely unfazed by their judgement. As an example, less than a month after her public testimony about motherhood being a crucial period in her life, and in the most negative of ways due to post-partum depression after the birth of her firstborn Angelo, she publicly struggled and recovered in the face of many judgements. Her wish to add to her family again represents a knowable strength through personal struggle.                                   While her declaration of wanting to be a mother again is rather sudden, shortly after her interview with Vanity Fair USA where she admitted she had been experiencing doubts and regrets about motherhood, Adele demonstrates her signature devil-may-care attitude toward gossip and media pressures surrounding her life.                                                   Many female fans would never deny the feelings of emotional proximity they are flooded with while listening to Adele’s profoundly personal lyrics, but aside from her songs, the 28-year-old pop star has always stood up for making her personal and family life absolutely verboten. Her private life and world, as we are aware of it, is left to the imagination or what she wishes the rest of the world to know through her lyrics and her frank and measured words.  The rest, of course, is nobody’s business but hers.                     We can only wish Adele the best, after her public demonstration of strength to overcome one of the darkest things a mother can experience, drawing strength and inspiration from a rediscovered love for her son and her lover, and of course, congratulations.

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