Wild Office Christmas Party: Pařba o Vánocích

Does Christmas ever come without cheesy Hollywood comedies coming out just in time to put us in the mood for holidays? The answer is it definitely does not, so this year there is an Office Christmas Party coming to all local cinemas on December 8th. So many of us can relate to feeling tired and uninspired after long hours at work, but This Christmas you get a chance to relax and see how the boring office can be easily spiced up with corporate madness!                                                                                                                                             A wild bash in the office is something we certainly haven’t seen before. Clay Vanstone (T.J. Miller) is an office head of Zenotek (the fictional company in the film), who lives a laidback life and has no concerns about his company’s current state. Everything changes when Clay gets warned by the CEO of the company, his sister Carol (Jennifer Aniston) that his Chicago branch will be shut down unless he closes a sale with a big and important client (Courtney B. Vance) within the next 24 hours. After unsuccessful persuasion of the client, Clay decides to impress him and save the company by throwing a wild Christmas party. Further storyline is a classic scenario we have seen in many movies, where an epic party is getting out of control and turns into a night of destruction that includes intense dancing, swinging on Christmas fairy lights, drinking plenty of booze, doing drugs, using strong language and getting into sexual situations.                                                                 The light mood comedy Office Christmas Party is a perfectly entertaining film that will put you in a great mood and, despite the mess and craziness the characters are going through, leave you feeling hopeful and positive. We promise you are set to experience all types of emotions- empathy for Clay, slight anger for Carol and excitement for a growing romance of two other main characters, the company’s CTO Josh (Jason Bateman) and his colleague Tracey (Olivia Munn), not to mention hilarious interactions among the rest of the office employees! Everybody will find something for themselves in this comedy, as there is love, drama, crime, humor and of course, Christmas chaos.

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