Introducing WEARME FASHION Fashion as Culture Edition

In this WEAREME FASHION “Fashion as Culture” edition we invite you to experience all the cultural diversity the fashion world has to offer. Whether you are Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Polish, Italian, French, British, American, Spanish, or Chinese (or any other nationality for that matter), this edition is for you.

This edition is all about the unification of thirteen different cultures that travel to or live in the Czech Republic in the form of fashion sketches inspired by each of these cultures individually.

The sketches were originally created by three top talented fashion designers including Melinaz Salehi, Wang Yaozhen, and Danni Wu, with graphics designed by Livia Santangelo and text edited by Chris Allbritton.

This is the first edition of its kind published in the Czech Republic, with the hope that everyone will be immersed into the world of fashion through creative inspiration, with each sketch inspiring you, as your creative skills are revealed and come to life through the coloring of the sketches.

As to the origin of and reason for the sketchbook, “the idea came first in the middle of the night as a response to how to connect every single person in the Czech Republic to pay attention to cultural diversity and its influence on fashion nowadays” said editor Vera Artemyeva. “We should realize a coloring edition!”

Over the next two and half months Artemyeva started to look for creative people to join and realize the “Fashion as Culture” edition connecting with people from Sweden, Italy, and China.

By coloring the sketches you will experience the stories that accompany the text or, alternatively, experience your own view on the moodboard evoked from a certain spirit that comes from the sketches.

Along with a matte cover soft as a silk and as strong as iron, this edition is printed with 26 beautiful fashion sketches to highlight the uniqueness of each culture individually.

“I think that this is a very cool issue that helps people to start their creative journey, together with fashion and culture,” says Artemyeva.

Use your creativity and hands to color me!                                                                         Share with us your creativity on social media with the Hashtag #FashionasCulture

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