Beauty Tips: Iva Havlíčková What You Need To Know About the Lipstick

Do you think that lipstick application is quite a straightforward task? This simple question needs to be reviewed from an expert, whose perspective includes the preferences of various customers, and has a strong passion for beauty and fashion. Iva Havlíčková, who works for THE BODY SHOP and TOPSHOP (on the Czech market) shared her experience with WEAREME.FASHION and included some tips on how to get the most out of your lipstick.

Q: What are the key differences between glossier and matte formulas of lipstick, and why does that matter?                                                                                                                The glossier lipsticks are lighter and sheerer and tend to fade easier from the lips, whereas matte lipsticks have higher coverage and color payoff and don’t fade as much.

How should you apply lipstick so that it lasts longer and does not dry down?          Before you start putting your make-up on use a lip scuff to exfoliate your lips and then apply a thicker layer of lip balm or lip butter, as this will condition and moisturize your lips. Just before you want to apply your lipstick, blot your lips dry and apply your lipstick with a small brush. It will work the color in and make the lipstick last longer.                    Lip liner is not a must but it definitely helps to define the shape of your lips and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. If you’re not 100% happy with the natural shape of your lips, you can cheat a little bit but you should never draw out of the natural line of your lips. It is always obvious and doesn’t look very flattering.                                                                   When choosing a shade of lipstick I pay attention to two main factors: if the customer is a warmer or cooler color type and if they prefer bolder or more subtle shades.               Also, when applying a liquid lipstick it’s always better to start with smaller amount of product and add more product bit by bit until you achieve your desired coverage. Work quickly and make sure you blend the color well.                                                                           To prevent lipstick on your teeth, just use this easy trick: put a finger into your mouth just like when you were a little kid and slowly take it out and all of the lipstick that would end up on your teeth will remain on your finger. Easy, right?

How many times should you reapply lipstick? How long should one application last?     It depends on many different factors. If you eat or drink often, if you smoke, if you work in an air-conditioned room etc. basically you should just apply your lipstick whenever you feel like doing so.

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