La La Land: One Moment Show

Damien Chazelle’s musical brings a new generation of movies to the silver screen by combining the best of the Golden age of Hollywood movies with a play of dreams made real by the labors of two artistic souls Sebastian (Ryan Gostling) and Mia (Emma Stone).

Not only a romantic comedy but also a real musical “La La Land” combines a thought filled life story, with a love affair made evident in emotional artistic gestures, dancing, singing, and well-crafted dialogue, allowing viewers to experience the magic of a musical with the air of a Hollywood romantic comedy.

How would contemporary audiences react to a film that is a mix of a classical musical and a cliché Hollywood romantic comedy is anyone’s guess, but it certainly would have had its popularity almost a century before, though this does not stop the film from having its own modern charm and atmosphere, something that divides generations of film lovers into two different camps with their own expectations of the film. The nostalgic film buffs yearn for the classical era while the modern movie goer has grown to expect much of the modern Hollywood treatment of the film.

I seldom say a premiere is right on time in the Czech Republic, especially right after the busy holidays, but this film is definitely exempt from that logic. For those who are not yet certain about their plans in 2017, and those who are still dreamers, this film might cause a bit of emotional discomfort. “La La Land” is a crucial must-see for those individuals, as it is a great inspirational story. Not that it isn’t for anyone else, as it will be known for ages for its originality, ambition, and its modern entertainment value.

“La La Land” is in theaters now. Experience the City of Stars.

Cover photo: @lalaland

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