The Body Shop Knows How to Take Care of Your Dry and Sensitive Skin

Does any of this sound familiar: tightness, itchiness, dry, or sensitive skin? It can happen to anyone during the harsh conditions of the winter season. Our skin is affected by the windy, frozen temperatures outdoors, as well as excessive indoor heating.
The Body Shop has found that most of us, 1 out of every 3 individuals, are having a problem with sensitive skin, which motivated them to develop a completely new skincare range to meet the needs of our skin during the winter season.

With the launch of this new skincare range, The Body Shop makes your daily routine an enjoyable experience. Those with dry or sensitive skin will be treated to a gentle formula that is lightweight, with a fast absorbing and acting moisturizer, and the soothing and relaxing ingredients of almond oil and honey.

Meet the New Skin Care range                                                                                               From their “Heavenly Reach” body butter which aims to soothe, restore and protect the skin, to their shower cream, to a calming and protective hand cream, to a caressing and soothing bath milk, the Body Shop shows they really know what it takes to keep our skin healthy and fresh, something as important for men as it is for women.

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