The Spiritual Power of Fragrances

Whether or not you are familiar with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, prepare yourself to discover and activate each one of your seven Chakras with the power of scent thanks to The Seven Collection by Coolife, a set of seven fine fragrances that are going to harmonize both your physical and spiritual body.                                                           Creative director Pauline Rochas, granddaughter of Marcel and Hélène Rochas of the iconic French fashion and fragrance house Rochas, teamed up with Carole Beaupré to conceptualize the whole collection. The collection, which draws upon the legendary history of Shamanistic and medicinal uses of rare and precious aromatic raw materials, is a display of Rochas’ modern holistic approach to perfumery as well as the influence of the seven Chakras of Ayurvedic wisdom, which are thought harness the vital energy centers through which our lifeforce pulsates. In order to follow her inspiration, Rochas started to work with some of the world’s most creative and sought-after perfumers, using exclusive blends of luxurious, rare and minimal ingredients customized for each Chakra.       Coolife’s latest compositions are Le Sixième Parfum and Le Septième Parfum, created with Italian perfumer Luca Maffei. Nurtured by the aura of the third eye chakra, the vortex of wisdom that possesses the gift to see both our inner and outer worlds, Le Sixième Parfum combines bright vibrancy with smoldering warmth. An opening of uplifting juicy bergamot, tart lemon and spicy pink pepper evolves to an emotional heart of romantic osmanthus, moody orris concrete, and lush jasmin absolute. Ultimately this mixture is finally grounded by a seductive palette of patchouli, labdanum, suede, ambroxan and musk.                                                                                                                       Le Septième Parfum was designed to unfold in delicate layers like the thousand-petal lotus of Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra and is meant to reflect a divine reality where the spiritual and physical join in a sacred universe as order underlies all existence. Charged with raw sensuality, an intense blend of bright bergamot, tangy mandarin and juniper berries merge with a heart of heady jasmine, spiced frankincense and smoky oud accord. White patchouli, creamy amber, sheer musk, vetiver root, cedarwood and vintage sandalwood create a beautiful finish wrapped in a cocoon of cashmerwood.

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