The Design Events We Are Looking Forward To During This Spring

Following a successful tradition already established in several countries to dedicating a whole week to the discovery and promotion of the latest news in the design world, the Czech Republic is following suit. Not to be outdone however, they are also raising the bar and doubling the amount of events hosting both Prague Design Week in April and then Czech Design Week following shortly thereafter in May. These platforms will unite representatives of today’s modern art world to showcase the latest design works which range from home and interior design, fashion and books/media to jewellery, illustrations, and more.                                                                                                                                   These two weeks are sure to be filled with creativity and innovative ideas inspired by local and international designers and have lots of other events for visitors to enjoy as well.

Prague Design Week                                                                                                                      

In its fourth iteration, the public will be welcomed to experience a creative environment bursting forth full of new ideas, skills, and technologies from Czech and foreign designers, craftsmen and producers. It will also include workshops, lectures, special installations, and design cinema.

When: 10. – 16. April 2017 Where: Dancing House

Mickeyphon. An interactive, audiovisual, and kinetic sculpture inspired by Mickey Mouse and created for Disney by a group called panGenerator, the Mickeyphon samples sounds from the environment, rotating in the direction of their source, and then transmutes them into musical rhythmic sequences. The final sound is shaped by the audience taking part in the interaction with the Mickeyphon. The sound layer system is enriched with interactive visuals presented on the cylindrical display that is located on the movable part of the sculpture.

The voice of the forest. At this year’s Prague Design Week, Škoda Auto has decided to bring the magic of a forest to you. Stopping for a while at this installation will instantly teleport you to a tranquil forest meadow, a delightful stream, or a gently lapping forest lake.

Annanemone is a textile design brand based on strange yet fascinating components of nature. Why couldn’t mammoths, asparagus and artichokes get a chance to shine? Armadillo dresses, notebooks with mushrooms, sloth shirts, bed sheets with chameleons, poultry pillows, cockroach skirts and armchairs that are upholstered with peculiar patterns are part of an even more expansive set of eccentric designs that dwell in the world of Annanemone.

Studio Paletky is a cutting edge company from Prague, focusing on upcycling pallets, luxury design furniture and accessories production. Ecology is their foundation as they use only heat treated one way pallets from around the world which are shipped into the Czech Republic. The brand is known for creation of contemporary furniture and interior with a passion for used wood stigma.

Czech Design Week                                                                                                                    

The sales exhibition will be overflowing with visitors of the much anticipated Czech Design Week which has its first-time debut at DUP 36 on Narodni Trida.

The festival started a successful year, introducing a partnership with prestigious Varese Design Week, London Design Fair and Saudi Design Week that will allow an exchange of creative minds the ability to showcase the most interesting works of small independent studios, galleries, companies and creative individuals from all the world over, with an emphasis on authenticity and personal vision.

Organizers envision a great potential through strengthening ties with the international design world that will be a benefit to both local and foreign designers based on the cooperation agreement bringing not only exchange programs, but a cultural exchange among creative people.

The aim of the project is to create platforms which allow the general public to connect with experts in the fields of design and art and to learn about the ideas and stories that lay behind their works. Design, after all, is not just an expensive piece of art sitting in someone’s apartment but an experience to be lived.

When: 8. – 14. May 2017 Where: DUP 36

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