Emergent Musical Artists Worth Keeping An Eye On

Want an exciting opportunity to discover new and talented musicians? The musicians we are about to introduce you to sing in English and perform alternative music. They are also full of energy and attitude, captivating audiences all around the world.

Make your move to download, stream, or see live performances of these artists today!

070 Shake                                                                                                                                 

Shake is an up and coming rapper from New Jersey, who, despite her young age, has already developed a more mature sound. She had her debut album released last year, and is now ready for her first headline tour. 2017 will surely be the year when 070 Shake takes the step from underground hype into superstardom.

The Big Moon This London based indie-rock quartet has already created a fan base touring around the world as the opening act to various other bands. Their music is a mix of styles from the past that ranges from 50s harmonies and 60s swing beats to Weezer inspired grunge. With their amazing debut album released earlier this year, The Big Moon is certain to offer a unique sound to please the ears.

Nadia Rose  is a UK based rapper who is known for breathtakingly energetic gigs. She combines sharp lyrics with a relatable sense of humor. This is an artist we just want to see more of!

Declan McKenna New super talent Declan McKenna’s style involves blending bright indie pop with textural lo-fi. This U.K. born singer-songwriter can be seen touring this year for the release of his first full-length album.

The Amazons                                                                                                                          Formed in 2014, this rock quartet from the U.K. has emerged as one of the most exciting young bands to watch. Their full length, debut album is scheduled to be released this year and we are nothing short of excited to watch their rise to fame.

Serpentwithfeet has a unique style, mixing R&B with gospel and electronic music and their theatrical music performances are show stealing. Having released a critically acclaimed EP last year, you can expect nothing else but further strides in creativity from this artist in the future.

Cover photo credit: Nadia Rose

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