Happy Haus: Art Meets Sustainability

As soon as we met with the founder and creative director of Happy Haus, Sandy Chaugnaud, we instantly perceived that we were standing in front of a kind and natural spirit with a light and happy “aura” that radiated all around her. Walking barefoot, dressed in one of her creations, Sandy talked about her collection and some of the special pieces she made in collaboration with a French artist that is able to boast that Miley Cyrus is among her fans. She went on to tell us about her desire to create feminine, yet easy going garments in a conscious way.

Everything first started thirteen years ago, when Sandy left Frankfurt for Paris, taking with her the dream of creating her own brand one day. After studying at ESMOD Paris, she had her first working experience with Jean Charles des Castelbajac, where she got to know a system that rules the fashion industry from within. After a while of this experience, she grew tired of it and desired to break free of seasons and trends. This led her to finally pursue her dreams and in turn led to the birth of Happy Haus as a reflection of the natural and more relaxed feminine state which Sandy felt in herself and the people around her.

From the beginning, she started her work on cuts and materials that would allow her clothes to be worn throughout the year, making them staple items that had a timeless style, as she told us. Along with careful attention to cuts and designs, there is, as well, a deeply felt conscious side to the label. Sandy had a desire to create a brand that was conscious of its environmental footprint so she decided to choose GOTS certified cottons and coloring, all made in France by small family factories. In addition, she chose her much-adored denim, which was DETOX certified and Greenpeace approved as a core component.

This denim, produced in Italy, is the main element of her collections, used in shirts, jeans, and beautiful dresses. The reason for the particular choice of denim goes back to Sandy’s memories, as she recalls some perfectly fitting and robust jeans she used to wear when she was younger and that, after many years, were still in good condition. These jeans happened to make her feel incredibly comfortable as well. These are the same qualities she wants to bring back with her creations, as she wants to embody in her collection “a collection that gets older in a good way”. She believes, that, with good quality of material and people’s proper care, that these garments will never lose their beauty and their value.

Although some compromises had to be made to overcome some difficulties, the ecological and holistic attitude of Happy Haus, which comes from Sandy’s German roots, plays a principle role in its design philosophy. In addition, there is a sense of joy, ease and playfulness perfectly embodied in the limited edition collection that they made in collaboration with Pénélope Strintz, the French painter and designer (of HOLD ON) who is not just responsible for the rainbow colored logo of Happy Haus, but also for hand painted and colorful drawings on t-shirts, jeans and kimono dresses for the brand.

Happy Haus is a successful example of how femininity, colorfulness and the pleasure of life’s little joys intersect perfectly with sustainability.

Cover Photo: Happy Hause & Penelope Strintz

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