Atlanta Mocassin: 30 Years of Experience in Shoemaking

This year, 2017, marks the three decade anniversary of the Portuguese company Atlanta Mocassin, which have been a specialist in making loafers since 1987. First known for producing beautiful and colorful models for adults, women and men, they soon moved onto making their shoes for children as well and are probably one of the few trade labels producing the same styles for adults, children and babies.

After starting out as a small niche production facility in Porto, the quality and appealing look of their moccasins rapidly led the brand to conquer other markets. First they captured the Spanish market but then went on to win the hearts of markets worldwide. Today, Atlanta Mocassin can be found in some of the most prestigious department stores in 50 countries including Russia, Japan, all of Europe and parts of the USA.

The shoes are made entirely in Portugal with premium quality materials sourced from the best tanneries in the world with certified suppliers from Portugal and Italy. The manufacturers still use a handmade process to create distinctive shoes with comfortable lightweight and breathable leather insoles and genuine rubber outsoles that are either flat, nautical style or driving soles. Skilled Portuguese shoemakers cut each piece, which is later assembled and sewn together with the help of specific machinery with the finishing touches and controls done by hand, assuring the finest quality product.

Each year, the brand offers new, comfortable, yet fashionable shoes accompanying the latest seasonal trends with new materials and more than 100 classic and trendy colors for clients to choose from. For the next Spring/Summer 2018 season, the colors are bright, like yellow, orange and various shades of red and purple highlighting more classic tones like brown, grey and navy, with just a touch of camouflage for a sportier yet urban look. Customization is possible for each part composing the shoe, from the leather to the color and from the model to the insole. It’s also possible to have your pair of moccasins embossed, with, say, initials to make it even more of a personal and one of a kind pair of shoes.

Great detail is paid in seeking out the perfect raw materials to go into the shoes as well as to how the shoes are produced. The company furthermore assures chromium free insoles that are breathable and super comfortable to wear, guaranteeing optimal conditions for our feet.

Moreover the environment is of the utmost importance to Atlanta Mocassin so they introduced a type of sole made entirely of waste coming from other soles, going one step further to accomplish future sustainability goals while sacrificing nothing in the way of comfort, raw materials or details. This highlights how they have married an environmentally friendly approach to production and stock to quality and aesthetics, keeping waste minimal and customers happy.

Oh, and other than their iconic loafers the brand also remasters ballerina flats, slip-ons, deck shoes and even sneakers. They are able to offer a wide variety of choices to give consumers relaxed and still up to date footwear for the entire family.

Cover photo: @AtlantaMocassin

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